New Sports Interruption Insurance Policy for Registration Refunds

Customized for elite/travel leagues and teams with expensive registration fees

Elite baseball teams and leaguesSadler Sports and Recreation Insurance announces the development of a new insurance program with an A+ rated carrier for Sports Interruption Insurance. This program is customized to meet the needs of amateur elite/travel teams and any other teams with expensive registration fees.

Solves a common problem for both parents and the sports organization

Sports Interruption Insurance solves a common problem experienced by both teams/leagues and participants/parents. Registration fees can be expensive for elite/travel teams with registration fees commonly ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. The team/leagues can’t afford to refund registration fees as they count on them to run their operations on an ongoing basis, not to mention the agonizing hardship requests. Participants/parents may be hesitant to pay expensive registration fees due to the risk of missing a large part of the season due to injury or illness.


Surprisingly affordable with rates as low as 1% to 2% of registration fees

Sports Interruption Insurance provides a surprisingly affordable solution. Teams/leagues can load their registration fees by as little as 1% to 2% for normal risk sports in order to pay the insurance premiums for this critical protection. Participants/parents will barely notice a 1% to 2% increase and this will solve a significant problem. It will also provide sports organizations with a competitive advantage over other organizations that don’t offer this vital protection.

Claim example illustrates the payout potential

Travel and Elite soccer trams

This claim example for an injury where a participant misses part of the season will help you see the payout potential.

A soccer participant suffers a severe ankle sprain and is under the care of a doctor who provides a medical clearance to return after 45 days. The registration period is from August 1 to December 1 (122-day season). The injury occurs on August 15 and the participant returns on September 29 for an absence of 45 days. The registration fees are $2,500 and non refundable. Sports Interruption Insurance will pay as follows:

Days absent (45) ÷  days in registration period (122) X registration fees ($2,500) = $922.

Available for specified sports in all but six states

Rates are currently available for the following sports:

  • basketball
  • baseball
  • cheerleading
  • tackle football
  • ice hockey
  • lacrosse
  • softball
  • soccer

Rates vary per sport per age group and whether accident only or accident and sickness coverage is purchased.  The program is currently available in all states except Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Vermont and Washington.

Simple online quick quote and enrollment process

As usual, our quote and application process is simple. The only information required on the one-page self-rating form is the sport, age group, season start and end dates, total number of participants, registration fee per participant, coverage option chosen, and rate from rate chart.

For more information and to get a quick quote, visit our Sports Interruption Insurance page.

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