Dodgeball Insurance

Dodgeball Insurance

Protect your dodgeball team, league, camp, or tournament with General Liability, Accident, Directors & Officers, Crime and Equipment insurance.


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Dodgeball Insurance for Youth and Adult Teams and Leagues, including Accident, General Liability, Directors and Officers Liability, Crime and Equipment.
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Dodgeball is what’s considered a non-traditional sport that requires minimal equipment, athletic ability or experience. It’s a fun and fast-paced game enjoyed by people of all ages – and is loaded with opportunities for injuries. The very premise of the game – to try to avoid being hit with a ball – sDodgeball Insuranceuggests that injuries will occur. Every dodgeball team and league should be covered by dodgeball insurance including Accident and General Liability.

Although is can played outdoors, dodgeball is typically played indoors using the same boundaries and mid-line as volleyball. Teams usually start the game with six players on the court. The National Amateur Dodgeball Association regulations require the use of 8.25” rubber-coated foam balls.

The official rules of dodgeball can be found on the NADA website. Some leagues don’t permit head shots, but those that do discourage them. As a general rule of thumb, balls should only be thrown at opponents shoulder height or lower. Of course, unintentional hits above the shoulders do occur, which can result in head injuries. To maintain good sportsmanship on the court we highly recommended that certified dodgeball referees officiate games and tournaments. Rubber-soled shoes should be worn to prevent slipping. The video below offers more insight into game play.Common injuries during a dodgeball game are:

  • Sprained ankles
  • Head trauma
  • Broken bones

Given the high risk for injury, it’s important that someone trained in CPR and first-aid be present at all games. It’s not recommended that this person be a member of the playing team, because they could be the injured party.

Without proper insurance coverage, the coach, instructor, manager, owner, or facility owner risks facing a lawsuit should such an injury occur. A dodgeball insurance policy, which includes Accident and General Liability is a custom policy designed to protect all of the responsible parties of a dodgeball team or league from the financial risk associated with potential injuries.

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