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General Liability

  • Limits from $1 million to $5 million
  • Occurrence Policy form
  • Coverage for Athletic Participants
  • Non-owned and Hired Auto option
  • Sex Abuse & Molestation option


  • Medical limits up to $25,000
  • Deductible options
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment up to $10,000

Paintball Insurance and Risk Management

Paintball is a popular recreational activity with nearly 1,000,000 annual participants on approximately 1000 outdoor and indoor courses across the U.S.  Paintball is a team sport that is similar to capture the flag, where two teams start on different ends of the field and attempt to capture the opponent’s flag and return to their own flag station without being shot by an opponent during a skirmish or ambush. Most outdoor fields are 10 to 20 acres with teams of up to 30 people, and most indoor facilities are located in wPaintball insurancearehouses. Paintball guns can be carbon dioxide-powered pistols or rifles that fire thin-skinned balls at speeds up to 300′ per second. The balls are filled with nontoxic, water soluble, biodegradable paint. The ball breaks easily upon impact with an opponent leaving a mark that designates that the player is “dead” resulting in immediate withdrawal from the game. The typical game lasts one hour and if there is no outright capture and return of a flag the winner is determined by the number of eliminations.

Paintball Equipment General Liability Exposures

Approved eye goggles are mandated and must be worn at all times on the shooting range and playing fields. Failure to wear eye goggles should result in immediate ejection from the game and suspension or permanent termination of access to facilities. Other protective equipment that is preferable are face shields and coveralls. Paintballs shot at short range can cause serious eye injuries (if eye goggles are not worn) or superficial cuts and welts to other body areas. Other equipment includes paintball guns, chronometer to test velocity of player supplied guns, ammunition, carbon dioxide cartridges and canisters, repair equipment, vending supplies, food prep equipment, storage lockers, and man made obstacles.

Typical Paintball General Liability Insurance  and Risk Management Requirements

If approved eye goggles are worn and if the guns don’t exceed velocity limits, paintball is a relatively safe sport. Most of the serious injuries and lawsuits don’t come from being shot, but instead result from slips, trips, and falls on the course. To follow are some standard risk management recommendations:

  • Minimum age of participants should be 14 years old
  • Participant pregame safety orientation of safety rules, use of equipment, and course layout
  • Qualified referees
  • Operator to supply ANSI-approved safety goggles and other equipment such as face shields and coveralls
  • Eye goggles supplied by players to be tested prior to play
  • Use of proper footwear (hiking boots or athletic shoes)
  • Prohibition of climbing of trees or obstacles
  • Prohibition of fighting or roughhousing
  • Posting of signage to mark required boundary areas and eye goggle and safety zones.
  • Strict enforcement of all safety requirements such as wearing of eye goggles
  • No smoking
  • Prohibition of alcohol
  • Fill stations should not be in direct sunlight to prevent overheating of carbon dioxide canisters
  • Chronometers to test speed of player-supplied guns to make sure velocity does not exceed 300′ per second
  • First aid kit for minor injuries and emergency evacuation plan for more serious injuries when EMS is called
  • Indoor facilities should have means of primary and secondary egress and well lit exit signage

To follow are factors which can increase the exposure to an injury and lawsuit:

  •  Playing in slippery conditions after heavy rain or in snow
  • Too many obstacles that result in overcrowding
  • Too many players in game
  • No night time operation of outdoor courses unless well lit
  • Indoor courses that are too dimly lit
  • Rental of equipment that can be takes off premises due to lack of supervision

Even with the implementation of these suggested risk management controls, injuries and lawsuits do still occur. Therefore, it is advisable that all paintball facility operators should carry Paintball Insurance with an each occurrence limit of at least $1 million. The policy should not have an exclusion for athletic participants.

Paintball Playing Area General Liability Exposures

Outdoor paintball fields include the following characteristics: an office including food and drink vending, paintball and equipment sales, changing room, and storage lockers; wooded playing field with man made objects such as villages and bunkers, target range for practice shots, and safe zones for eliminated players. Indoor paintball facilities are typically in a warehouse and include obstacles and structures and may include foggers or dimmed lights to obscure vision.

Paintball Auto Liability Risks

Paintball operations with fields that are located away from the office provide transportation to the field in vehicles such as vans or buses. If these vehicles are owned by the business, a Commercial Auto policy must be in force with adequate auto liability limits. If such vehicles are owned by employees of the business, Non-owned and Hired Auto Liability should be carried to protect the business from its vicarious liability in the event of an auto accident. Risk management controls should be put in place including regular inspection of all vehicles, prohibition of use of 15-passenger vans, minimum driving ages, running of motor vehicle registrations and acceptable driving record for all drivers.

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