Racquetball Insurance

Protect your Racquetball team, league, camp, or tournament with General Liability, Accident, Directors & Officers, Crime and Equipment insurance.


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Racquetball Insurance for youth and adult teams, including General Liability, Accident, Crime and Equipment and Directors & Officers Liability.
• Offers rock-solid protection
• Simple online application and quick turn around
• You can save up to 38%
• Proof of coverage INSTANTLY in most cases

Specialty Areas

  • Regular season racquetball
  • Travel racquetball
  • Racquetball leagues
  • Racquetball teams
  • Tournament racquetball


Programs Others Have Purchased

Athletes and fitness enthusiast enjoy the game of racquetball. Some gyms offer racquetball courts as a way to enhance the workout experience. RacquetballAs a result, there are a lot of beginners to the sport, creating additional opportunities for injuries. The risk of injuries increases with the beginners because they are not as familiar with the game and how to feel how far away the other player is.

Coaches need to carry racquetball insurance to protect themselves against financial responsibility for injuries to the players. Some of the injuries that could occur include:

  • Wrist sprains and fractures from falling
  • Ankle sprains and breaks
  • Shoulder injuries from swinging the racquet
  • Injuries from collision between players
  • Injuries from hitting the other player with the racquet
  • Back strains

Racquetball injuries typically result from the following:

  • Swinging racquets
  • Ball trajectory of the ball
  • Players colliding into court walls
  • Player lack of experience
  • Lack of court etiquette
  • Non-compliance with the rules

What Our Clients Have to Say about Our Racquetball Insurance Programs

“Very easy to use and understand.” – Linda Sparks, Clinton Family YMCA