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Even though bowling is not a contact sport, it still carries a significant risk of injuries. The added element of a weighted ball can easily cause what would normally be a simple trip and fall to result in a fall that could actually cause more serious injury or Bowling insuranceproperty damage.

 The causes of most common bowling injuries are:

  •  Slip and fall incidents
  • Early release and subsequent unsafe ball drop
  • Overuse injuries
  • Improper technique
  • Use of ball that is too heavy or improperly fitted

Some of the most common injuries sustained by bowlers include:

The first step in preventing bowling injuries is to make sure that the bowler is properly fitted for his or her ball and using a ball of the correct weight. A general rule for kids up to age 14 is to begin with a ball weight that matches their age. For example, a 6 lb. ball for a 6-year-old, a 10 lb. ball for a 10-year old, etc. Adults should consult a bowling pro or instructor for help in determining the best weight ball based on the bowler’s size and strength.

Other ways to avoid injury include:

  • Size ball holes to properly accommodate the thumb
  • Pre-game warm-ups and core muscle strengthening exercises
  • Proper bowling techniques
  • Proper footwear to decrease the number of knee, ankle and foot injuries

While property damage can typically be repaired completely in a relatively short time frame, muscular and back-related injuries often require ongoing treatment and therapy. The coach, supervisor, league organizer, and even the facility can all be at risk of a lawsuit in the event that injury occurs. Bowling insurance is necessary to protect against these types of claims.

Another area of safety concern is children. Whenever children and youth groups are involved in or around bowling activities, injuries can occur from wandering, playing, and roughhousing. Adult staff members are responsible for overseeing and being in close proximity to the youth who are participating and have a legal duty to supervise and prevent these types of injuries.

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