Sports Combine and Showcase Insurance

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Get Low-cost General Liability Insurance for Sports Combine and Showcases to Protect Against Catastrophic Injuries and Lawsuits

Coverage is available per event or on an annual basis.

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General Liability

  • Limits from $1 million to $5 million
  • Occurrence Policy Form
  • Coverage for Athletic Participants


  • Medical Payments for Participants Limit $25,000
  • $100 Deductible

Insurance and Risk Management for Combines and Showcases

The sports camps, combine, and showcase circuit for football, baseball, basketball and other sports is important for elite level athletes who want to increase their exposure in the hopes of landing a college scholarship. The athletes want to increase their competitive advantage over other athletes by increasing their exposure to coaches and scouts. These events may be part of a camp or a separate event. Competitive combines and showcases bring in large numbers of athletes for not only sport specific competition, but also individual testing such as height, weight, 40 yard dash, vertical jump, bench press, and shuttle time.

Some showcases and combines are observed by college coaches and others are not. Currently, the NCAA does not allow coaches to attend combines that measure agility, speed, and strength for division I and division III football. Recruiting analysts observe these events land report back to coaches. Division II coaches are allowed to attend these combines for football. Another area of concern is the actual exposure and publicity that a combine will provide for a participant if the coaches are not allowed to attend. Many send data to schools but unsolicited data if often discarded. The better combines and showcases should provide national media exposure. A typical participation cost will range from free to up to $30. Some showcases and combines may charge more if the event is followed up by an invitation to attend and participate in an elite event.

From a sports insurance and risk management perspective, showcases and combines represent a higher than normal risk of injury and related lawsuit due to the elite level of the competitions. As a general rule, more risk is associated higher risk taking, speeds, exertion levels, and skills. The higher the level of competition, the greater the injury potential. As a result, many sports insurance carriers shy away from combines and showcases. However, Sadler Sports Insurance has identified several markets that competitively insure these.