Aerobics Instructor Insurance

Find savings for General or Professional Liability Insurance for aerobics instructors training students in studios or health gyms.

Aerobics Instructor Liability Insurance

  • Limits from $1,000,000 up to $5,000,000 each occurrence
  • Includes Professional Liability
  • Includes Sex Abuse / Molestation
  • No requirement to join an association


What is aerobics?

An aerobics class is a fun, energized atmosphere that is great for getting the heart pumping without getting too intense. Participants can work hard, but with a moderate style of training, not overdo their workout. The class focuses on structured, rhythmic movements that increase oxygen and blood flow through the body.

Aerobic exercise training focuses on many areas of the body, specifically, the larger muscle groups. aerobics instructor insuranceThe personal instructor may use anything from lunges to pushups to jumping rope in a class or studio setting. Aerobic exercise, different from anaerobic exercise, raises the breathing rate and heart rate over more extended periods. Anaerobic exercise does the same but over shorter, faster intervals. For example, running sprints or weight lifting. Even though aerobic classes may be “lower intensity,” that does not mean they are not challenging or present instances where injury can occur.


What are the benefits of aerobic exercises?

Exercises that focus on cardiovascular conditioning provide benefits to the entire body. For instance, activities like swimming, cycling, and even walking can support strengthening the heart. For heart health, aerobics can decrease the risk of heart disease, increase ‘good’ cholesterol, reduce the resting heart rate, and better control blood sugar. Outside of cardiovascular benefits, participating in aerobic exercises can improve lung function and assist in weight management.

To take full advantage of these benefits, it is essential to understand how long and how often these exercises should be implemented. It’s best to get into a routine where aerobic exercises are practiced for at least 30 minutes every five to seven days of the week. The period of 30 minutes can be broken up into intervals, such as walking for ten minutes three times a day. While the workouts may sound simple, it is possible to experience symptoms such as breathing trouble and joint pain.


Are there possible risks in an aerobics class?

Most aerobics studio classes involve a series of continuous movements and activities where the risks of overuse and improper form can be a factor. aerobics instructor insurance for risksAs an aerobics instructor, make sure your students have the proper knowledge and technique when performing movements to help prevent injury. Though the exercise may not be as intense as an anaerobic exercise, there are still many risks such as:

  • Unusual shortness of breath 
  • Tightness in the chest 
  • Twists of the knee or ankle
  • Back injuries can be aggravated or even caused by aerobics
  • Shin and foot pain resulting from overuse
  • Muscle pulls or strains in the thighs or arms

These injuries can occur in even the most beginner aerobics studio classes. In addition, there are other risks involved when incorporating other, more complicated activities such as dance or cardio. Luckily, there are practical measures that instructors can take to help avoid some of the risks to patrons listed above. 


How can an aerobics instructor manage these risks?

One of the first things you can do as an instructor to reduce liability and minimize risk is to gauge your class’s overall fitness level. Students may be at differing fitness abilities; therefore, it is important to discuss all limitations before class begins. Another way to avoid injury is to instruct participants to wear adequate footwear and clothing. aerobics trainer risk managementAppropriate clothing should particularly help with any possible foot or joint pain that can occur during exercises. Some additional risk management strategies for fitness instructors include:

  • Encourage students to talk to their doctors if they have experienced heart conditions or live with other chronic conditions.
  • For students who have been inactive for a long period of time, ensure they start slowly and gradually work up in exercise length and difficulty.
  • Make sure all equipment that may be nearby has been moved out of the way and stored. Moving equipment will help avoid any possible trips and falls.
  • Follow safety guidelines and industry standards when training students on how to use the equipment.

It is possible to avoid some risks, but accidents can still happen regardless of how prepared you may be. Accidents are unpredictable, which is why it is critical to prepare with fitness instructor insurance for your Aerobics class. You can also learn more on our risk management content page for a complete list of content and links on how to manage risks in your health club class or studio.


What are the risks of not having aerobics instructor insurance?

aerobics instructor insuranceIf you don’t carry any insurance coverage, you could face serious financial consequences. For example, someone may experience an injury while participating in one of your classes and files a negligence claim. If something happens during a session, knowing who will pay medical bills and how much those expenses might cost is necessary. Without this protection, you are responsible for paying out-of-pocket costs yourself. 

As a business owner, you may also be at risk of losing your business. If people see that you have insurance, it can only increase your legitimacy as an instructor. In addition, paying thousands of dollars in legal fees and punitive damages can be devastating to your business and reputation. Similarly, if working for a health club or aerobics business, having coverage with a professional liability insurance plan raises your credibility with a certificate of insurance.


How can an instructor get coverage?

To further protect your aerobics business, we recommend having aerobics instructor insurance. Even if you do not teach in your own studio, many health clubs will require fitness professionals to have insurance before you begin training. Our aerobics liability insurance covers a wide array of potential pitfalls that can present themselves. Certain things you may not be aware of could suddenly leave you with thousands of dollars in damages and legal fees. 

Sadler Sports insurance for aerobics instructors is customized to fit the needs of your studio or facility and your style of training. Save time by getting a quote in minutes using our instant online quote process. Get a quote today for aerobics instructor insurance with savings up to 38%. 

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