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General Liability Insurance for Ultimate Frisbee

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  • Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability

Accident Insurance for Ultimate Frisbee

  • Reimburse medical bills
  • Limits up to $100k
  • Deductible options

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What is ultimate frisbee? 

Ultimate frisbee is a non-contact disc sport played on a field with two teams of seven. The disc, known as a frisbee, is tossed between players. Players must run, cut, guard, jump, throw, catch, and sometimes dive with outstretched arms for the flying disc. The game’s object is to score a goal and get the most points. Points amass when a player catches the frisbee in the end zone that the player is attacking. Group playing Ultimate Frisbee

Physical movement is involved in the game; however, a player cannot run once they have the frisbee. The frisbee is only advanced by tossing it among the players and cannot hit the ground. Therefore, the players have to catch the frisbee while it’s still in the air. The players without the disc, however, are allowed to move to get into a position to try to catch the disc. 

As the sport is non-contact, the way the opposing team obtains the frisbee is when a pass is incomplete. The play is incomplete when a player from one team does not successfully throw the frisbee to another player on their team. 


Health benefits of ultimate frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is a sport that requires a high level of physical exertion, which brings many health benefits to the players. The game is excellent for heart health and endurance as there is a lot of cardio involved. Players sprint and run all over the field to catch the frisbee and attempt to interfere with a pass. Also, this sport increases the agility of the players as there are many quick turns, pivots, throws, and jumps involved.


Is ultimate frisbee a risky sport? 

There are risks to playing any sport, and ultimate frisbee is no different. Although the sport is non-contact, which alleviates some risk, accidents from collisions could still happen. The sport is also very physically demanding, which inevitably increases the risk to the players. 


Common injuries in ultimate frisbee

Most of the injuries that players experience in ultimate frisbee are associated with the high degree of physical endurance that the sport requires. In fact, a study showed that muscle strains are the most common injury in ultimate frisbee. Over 73% of the study’s participants experienced some variation of muscle strain.Injured Ultimate Frisbee Player On Field

Specifically, the following are common areas of injuries among ultimate frisbee players:

  • Knee injuries (strains and ligament sprains or ruptures)
  • Ankle injuries  (strains and ligament sprains)
  • Shoulder injuries (instability as a result of a fall)


Risk management practices for ultimate frisbee

Frisbee teams, leagues, clubs, and other frisbee organizations should have a risk management strategy put into place to help guard against preventable accidents. The following are some risk management tactics to help protect your business and players. 

  • A proper warm-up prior to playing.
  • Pre-season and in-season strengthening and conditioning.
  • Good landing and cutting technique.
  • The playing surface is up to standards with no hazards.
  • Appropriate footwear to support feet and ankles.
  • Make sure all players know the rules. 


Sadler Insurance Risk Management Program

Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance has in-house risk management programs that bring high levels of value to sports organizations’ risk mitigation strategies. In addition, these programs help to further educate and bring awareness to unwanted situations that could be preventable. 

For example, risk management programs that apply to ultimate frisbee:


Why do I need ultimate frisbee insurance?

Group of people in team wear playing a frisbee game in park outdoors. jumping man catch a frisbee to a teammate in an ultimate frisbee match.No matter how much due diligence you put into reducing your risk, you will never completely eliminate your exposure. Unexpected accidents often happen, especially when dealing with multiple players in a highly intense game. So, if you are a coach or organizer of an ultimate frisbee team, camp, tournament, or any other event, adding insurance could be what you need to help alleviate the associated risks. Therefore, adding a comprehensive insurance plan to your organization is an excellent step to ensuring a broader range of protection.


What does ultimate frisbee insurance cover? 

Ultimate frisbee insurance can help protect your business from lawsuits. As the organization of an ultimate frisbee team, tournament, or club, you could be liable for injuries that happen at your facility. As a result, these injuries could result in lawsuits against your organization, which could get very expensive and put you at financial risk. Having high-quality liability insurance coverage, including accident insurance, could help protect you from the consequences of potential accidents and injuries that the players endure. 

Sadler Sports offers an ultimate frisbee insurance policy that you can customize to minimize your organization’s risks. For a sports organization, general liability is a must. Having liability coverage can be helpful to your ultimate frisbee organization as it could help cover the liabilities from accidents. Additionally, a general liability insurance policy could help pay for the financial obligations arising from lawsuits alleging bodily injury or property damage. If found liable, you could responsible for paying the legal expenses, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. These expenses add up and could cause you financial strain. Therefore, having coverage is crucial for protection and running a successful business. 


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Comprehensive insurance plans can bring success to your organization by helping mitigate detrimental risks. Sadler Sports and Recreational Insurance offers insurance coverage for several frisbee activities, including frisbee teams, frisbee leagues, frisbee clubs, other frisbee organizations, and frisbee instructors. Our Ultimate Frisbee Insurance plan is customizable, so you can apply the policies that will help protect your organization. 

At Sadler, we are so proud to say that we are at the top of the insurance industry and offer incredible savings of up to 38%. We have been protecting sports organizations from significant financial damages since 1946. Reach out to one of our top insurance professionals to learn more about how your ultimate frisbee club, team, or tournament can benefit from implementing our insurance plans. Then, if you’re ready to be protected, submit an easy and hassle-free quote today!