Paddleboarding Insurance For Camps, Events, Clubs, and Instructors

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General Liability Insurance for Paddleboarding

  • High-limits from $1M to $6M
  • Affordable rates
  • Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability
  • Sex Abuse/Molestation

Accident Insurance for Paddleboarding

  • Reimburse medical bills
  • Limits up to $100k
  • Deductible options



Why do you need paddleboard insurance? Stand up paddle boarding on sea

Paddleboarding organizations can implement risk management strategies as measures to lessen the risks of paddleboarding. However, the sport still presents risks that cannot be controlled as the nature of the sport is hazardous. Paddleboard insurance is imperative for your organizations to implement as there are still chances of lawsuits from paddleboarding incidents. Even if you were not negligent, you could still be responsible and found liable for paying out of pocket to cover the lawsuit costs. As a coach or instructor of a paddleboarding organization, implementing a comprehensive insurance plan with General Liability and Accident insurance policies is one of the best actions you can take to protect your business.


What does paddleboard insurance cover? 

At Sadler Sports and Recreations Insurance, we offer fully customizable paddleboard insurance policies. Therefore, you can add procedures that fit your organization’s protection requirements. Further, we provide insurance plans for paddleboard camps, clinics, tournaments, clubs, or instructors that require protection. 

Implementing paddleboard insurance with a solid General Liability policy can help protect you against financial damages from lawsuits against your business. The costs from lawsuits can get expensive, so this strategy could help cover the expenses you would be liable to pay. These costs include but are not limited to medical expenses, settlement costs, adverse jury verdicts, and attorney’s fees. 


Is paddleboarding a dangerous sport? Stand up paddle surfer turns over

Due to the nature of the sport, paddleboarding does not typically see a high occurrence of injuries. However, any activity that involves water can become inherently dangerous if safety practices are not followed. There is always a possibility of drowning or other water-related injuries. 

In addition, even though paddleboarding is non-contact, it is still very physically taxing on the body. Specifically, competitive paddleboarding requires full-body engagement for balance and rapid arm movements to push the paddleboard forward. Therefore, the sport could cause muscle strains, sprains, or tears.


What are ways to prevent injuries and mitigate risk? 

As a coach of a paddleboarding team, club, tournament, or event, it is imperative to have practices in place to decrease your negligence and the likelihood of injuries.  

The following are some tactics you can apply to help keep your athletes safe:

  • As paddleboarding is an outdoor sport, make sure the weather is optimal. Therefore, no races or practices should occur in rocky waters or lightening conditions. 
  • Make sure the paddleboarder uses the leash to attach themselves to the board. Therefore, if the athlete falls off of the paddleboard, the board will not float away from them. 
  • Ensure that your athletes always wear some flotation device or a life jacket. These devices will help to limit the risk of drowning. 
  • Have well-trained lifeguards on watch during the event to save the athletes if they are ever in an emergency.
  • Get your athletes to stretch and go on a slight jog to warm up their muscles before the event to help decrease the chance of muscle strain or tears. 
  • Getting your athletes to sign a liability waiver could be a great way to reduce your risks. In addition, it brings awareness to the possible dangers of the sport. 

SUP Paddleboarding with instructorThese are a few tactics you can apply to help create a safer environment for your paddleboarders. In addition, implementing these practices could help to mitigate your negligence and liability exposure. However, extensive and minor injuries could still happen regardless of the effort. Furthermore, there is no possible way to prevent every accident. Therefore, to strengthen your risk management strategy, you’ll need to add a reliable paddleboard insurance policy to help provide you with a broader range of protection.


What is paddleboarding? 

Paddleboarding is a popular watersport where athletes sit, kneel, or stand on a specifically designed board on the water. To move the paddleboard, athletes will use their arms to push through the water with a paddle. You can practice this sport in a lake, river or ocean.

Many people participate in recreational paddleboarding as it is an excellent full-body exercise and a great way to explore the waters. However, paddleboarding can also be a competitive sport. Competitive paddleboarding requires athletes to stand on their board and race against their competition. It is an individual sport, so only one athlete is on the paddleboard competing. The objective of paddleboarding is like any sport centered around a race. The athlete is considered the winner if they make it across the finish line before their competitors. The race length depends on whether the athletes compete in a short distance or long distance race. The length of a paddleboarding race can be anywhere from 100m to over 10 miles.


Are there health benefits of paddleboarding?

Paddleboarding can sometimes look deceiving regarding the amount of effort it requires. However, the sport is a killer full-body workout and brings many health benefits to the paddleboarder. Of course, paddleboarding competitively will challenge your body more than a casual boarding outing. Yet, either option is great for your entire body. 

Paddleboarding requires balance to stand on the board. In addition, it can help strengthen the ligaments and muscles over your body when pushing through the resistance of the water. Further, you will get your heart rate pumping from the cardiovascular aspect of paddleboarding.

The following are some health benefits that are associated with paddleboarding: 

  • Builds a strong core
  • Improves cardio fitness and endurance
  • Challenges your balance and flexibility
  • Increase arm and back strength


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Recreational and competitive paddleboarding is a great sport that gets people out on the waters and enjoying the outdoors. However, as a paddleboarding organization, you need to guard against the risks associated with the sport. 

Sadler Sports Insurance offers customizable paddleboarding insurance to fit your needs so you can start to protect against significant financial damages. Our insurance policies are a simple way to mitigate your risks and give you peace of mind. It is time to be proactive against threats, so get protection by requesting a quote from us today!