Wrestling Insurance

Wrestling Insurance for youth and adult teams includes General Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Accident, Crime and Equipment.
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General Liability Wrestling Insurance

General Liability for wrestling teams and clubs protects against certain lawsuits that arise out of allegations of negligence pertaining to events resulting in bodily injury (typically to a wrestler, coach or spectator), property damage, personal injury and advertising injury. The policy covers attorney fees for a legal defense and pays up the policy limits in the event of a settlement or adverse jury verdict.

Accident Insurance for Wrestling Teams & Leagues

Wrestling teams/leagues need Accident insurance to pay for the covered medical expenses of injured participants on an “excess” basis over and above those covered by existing family health insurance. The policy may be subject to a deductible ranging from $0 to $250 per claim.

Specialty Areas:


  • Youth wrestling teams
  • Wrestling leagues
  • Wrestling clubs
  • Wrestling training programs

Wrestling Risk Management

There are risks to participating in any sport, and wrestling is no different. Wrestling involves participants being thrown onto the mat, which can result in back, knee, shoulder and head injuries. Participants, parents and coaches need to understand the risks of injury risks that can come along with wrestling in order to decrease the potential of such an event. Below are some of the most areas of injury seen in wrestling.

  • Head Injuries: Headgear is mandatory in competition and should be worn during practice as well to decrease the risk of concussion or other head injury. Headgear is also the best method of preventing wrestler’s ear (also known as cauliflower ear), which is caused by severe bruising of the outer ear structure.
  • Knee Injuries: Wrestlers’ knees hit into the mat on a regular basis, which can eventually result in fractures or prepatella bursitis. Kneepads are the best defense against such knee injuries. Injuries to knee ligaments often result from the leg twisting outward.
  • Skin Infections: Because of the constant physical contact between opponents in competition and teammates during practice, transmission of skin infections is a serious concern. Mats need to be sanitized after use to prevent the spread of highly contagious bacteria such as impetigo and MRSA and organisms such as ringworm.

It’s also important to note that as young wrestlers get older and become stronger, injury risks increase as they improve in the maneuvers that force their opponents down.

Some young wrestlers come under pressure to wrestle at lower weight classes than their ideal weight. This can result in eating disorders and nutritional deficiencies that affect physical development. To achieve the desired weight, wrestlers can resort to skipping meals, using laxatives and diuretics, and using saunas to accelerate weight loss. They can even begin developing distinctive food rituals. Such behaviors should be addressed with the coach and a physician.

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