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Kayaking and canoeing with familyWater sports encapsulates many fun and exciting activities like canoeing, kneeboarding, wakesurfing, and sailing. These activities are incredibly popular as they allow participants to enjoy the outdoors and various waterways! However, the physical nature of water sports brings high risks that require careful consideration.

You may be wondering if you need insurance for peace of mind once you get out on the water. The simple answer is yes. To truly enjoy water activities, it is essential to know the risks of each sport and manage those responsibilities to help protect your organization.

Even with proper precautions, accidents that cause bodily injury or equipment damage could harm your business’s or organization’s financial health. Even more so if one of these incidents happens without proper insurance coverage.

Harm to water sports participants, staff, or anyone else that you could be found liable for could result in an expensive lawsuit. Therefore, implementing strong insurance policies customized for your business is essential to running a water sports organization.

At Sadler, we offer customizable policy options to help cover incidents for guides, clubs, events, camps, and instructors. The policies that would provide substantial coverage for Water Sports organizations are General Liability, Equipment Insurance, and Accident Insurance.

Canoeing Insurance

Canoeing is a single-person water sport involving a lightweight boat with points at both ends propelled by paddles. It is a trendy summer sport as many take it up to explore the outdoors and enjoy the weather. Plus, it is excellent exercise as it is powered by the participants who will sit in the middle of the boat and row themselves forward. Typically, canoeing is for freshwater spaces like lakes and rivers.

As mentioned, canoeing is a fantastic way to move and explore physically. Therefore, participating in this sport has various mental and physical benefits.

The following are some health benefits received when regularly participating in canoeing:

● Increase cardiovascular health
● Increase in mindfulness
● Increase arm and core strength
● Decrease in anxiety and depression
● Low risk of wear and tear on joints

Why should you get Canoeing Insurance?

Man enjoys paddling a canoe

Although canoeing seems like a harmless, peaceful sport, worrisome risks still result from the very nature and environment of the sport. Typically, the injuries sustained while canoeing is not life-threatening, but that does not mean there are no situations that could be very harmful.

The risk factors of canoeing include water and weather conditions, level of experience, and fitness level. However, accidents could still occur even with proper safety precautions in place.

Most injuries that result from canoeing are due to the environment since the sport is an outdoor, water-based activity. This means there is a chance of capsizing, drowning, colliding with objects, or other water-related injuries.

In addition, as low impact as canoeing may appear, the most common injuries happen to the upper and lower extremities due to the physicality of the sport. Paddling from canoeing long distances results in inflammation of the tendons. In fact, 23% of paddlers will develop acute tenosynovitis. In addition, participants can experience low back pain and hip injuries.

The best way to limit your organization’s liabilities is to apply a robust Canoeing Insurance program customized for your coverage needs.

Canoeing Insurance Programs

At Sadler Insurance, we offer a Canoeing Insurance program that canoe organizations can adopt. Suppose you own or host a canoe club, event, camp, or lessons. In that case, we can provide you with solid insurance plans customized for your activities and risk exposures.

Our policies could cover the liabilities that your organization may face. In addition, your organization could apply for additional Accident Insurance and coverage for equipment loss.

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Kneeboarding Insurance

Kneeboarding is an aquatic sport where the participant is towed behind a boat at a high speed of about 30 miles per hour. As the name suggests, kneeboarding is performed on the knees instead of standing like other similar sports, like wakeboarding or water skiing.

In kneeboarding, the participant will hold a rope attached to the boat. At the same time, they stay on their kneeboard to be pulled around a lake, river, ocean, or another open waterway.

This sport is an excellent way for everyone at any age or experience level to enjoy. It is very beginner-friendly because it’s missing the standing component. Although it is easier than many similar standing water sports, it promotes various health benefits. These health benefits include strengthening of the core and arm muscles, boosts in mental health, and increases in cardiovascular endurance. So, don’t count kneeboarding out as being a great overall workout!

Why should you get Kneeboarding Insurance?

Woman speeding on her kneeboard

As kneeboarding is a water-based sport, accidents could lead to dangerous outcomes like drowning. However, the most common injuries result from the high speeds and forces often experienced during the sport. These injuries include muscle tears and strains in the upper extremities, whiplash, and concussion.

If you run a kneeboarding club, event, camp, or provide lessons, you should have protection against uncontrollable risks that could happen. The best way to guard your organization is to implement a robust Kneeboarding Insurance plan customized to your business.

Without the proper protection through insurance, your kneeboarding organization could be financially responsible for the accidents that arise under your responsibility. Since kneeboarding is inherently risky, applying for an insurance policy should not be taken lightly. It should be considered a critical part of your risk mitigation strategy.

Kneeboarding Insurance Programs

Sadler insurance offers strong Kneeboarding Insurance policies that organizations leverage to help protect their financial health. Our Kneeboarding Insurance programs can be customized to your needs to help limit your organization’s risks and support your business goals.

Our Kneeboarding Insurance programs offer General Liability, Accident Insurance, and Equipment Insurance. Each of these policies protects your business from various unexpected and unfortunate situations. In addition, it can help remove potential detrimental liabilities from your business.

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Wakesurfing Insurance

Wakesurfing is essentially bringing the big waves of the ocean to any open waterway! In this water sport, the surfer will trail behind a wake boat and surf the waves the boat creates without a rope. Like ocean surfing, the wakesurfer uses the waves for speed on the surfboard and rides the wave’s pocket.

Wakesurfing is an extremely fun recreational activity that many enjoy to get out into the sun and water. The sport is a full-body workout, meaning there are plenty of health benefits the wakesurfer will experience.

The health benefits of wakesurfing include:

● Increased full body strength, especially in the arms, legs, and core.
● Increased cardiovascular health
● Increased endurance
● Better mental health

Why should you get Wakesurfing Insurance?

Woman jumping over big splashing wave on bright surf style wakeboardWakesurfing is inherently dangerous because of the physicality it requires and the environments in which the wake surfers have to participate.

The primary danger to the wake surfers is their proximity to the boat. To ride the wave produced by the boat, the participant is only about 10 feet away, which could lead to accidents and injuries if a collision occurs. The most common accidents due to being close to the boat are running into the boat or propeller, causing severe bodily harm.

In addition, other common injury risks are whiplash, concussions, sprains, or drowning. With all this being said, you should apply a robust Wakesurfing Insurance policy to avoid the financial repercussions of the inherent risks of the sport.

Wakesurfing Insurance Programs

Depending on what your wakesurfing organization offers, you should have adequate protection to guard against liability claims. Sadler Insurance offers customizable insurance plans that can be assembled to minimize your liability exposure. So, suppose you’re a wakesurfing team providing instructions or even hosting a tournament. In that case, Sadler can help support your business and provide peace of mind.

Sadler’s Wakesurfing Insurance programs were created for the unique circumstances faced by organizations that participate in wakesurfing activities. Our policies could help protect you against general liability and accidents that cause bodily injury and property damage.

Claims from incidents at your organization could mean huge out-of-pocket expenses if you don’t have proper insurance coverage. Sadler Insurance has a team of professionals ready to help you customize your insurance package, no matter your needs.

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Water Skiing Insurance

Water skiing is a popular surface water sport in which the participant is pulled behind a boat and uses water skis to glide across the water. The boat is fast-moving, so the skier has the momentum and power needed to be pulled out of the water. Skiers enjoy the sport by carving waves in the water, practicing jumps, or performing other tricks.

Typically, most participants water ski for fun as it is a very riveting and exciting sport. However, this sport can also be competitive, with experts competing in three categories: slalom, tricks, and jumps. Either way, participants can bet that when they will get their heart pumping and a smile on their faces when they get out on the water!

The sport requires full-body effort to stay upright, making it physically demanding. However, it is also great for one’s health because it is highly physical! Not to mention, water skiing is also associated with increased mental health.

The following are some health benefits participants will enjoy from water skiing:

● Increase core, arm, and leg strength
● Improved balance and coordination
● Stress relief
● Faster metabolism
● Lessen anxiety and depression
● Increase in social life

Why should you get Water Skiing Insurance?

Man water skiing behind motor boat on splashing river waves

As fun as water skiing is to participate in, the reality is that it is also dangerous with various physical risks to the water skier. This causes problems for water skiing organizations because they could be found liable for the accidents under their responsibility.

The most common injuries occur to the lower extremities of the skier. These injuries include abrasions, sprains, pains, and fractures to the back and trunk regions. In fact, one out of three water skiers will experience lower body injuries.

In addition, the environment skiers are put in when water skiing is inherently dangerous. Being a water-based sport opens up opportunities for drowning. Not to mention, there could be possibilities of an incident in which the skier will collide with a dock or be run over by a boat.

Therefore, if you own a water skiing team, club, tournament, or another type of organization or event, it is essential to have a customized insurance program that protects you against these incidents.

Water Skiing Insurance Programs

Without the proper protection, your organization could be financially liable for the costs associated with any legal claims that might arise against your business. Therefore, for the financial prosperity of your organization, Water Skiing Insurance is a crucial part of your risk management plan.

Sadler offers customizable insurance programs to give you the coverage and peace of mind necessary to run your business successfully. Every business and its challenges are unique, and we consider that when constructing your insurance plan for optimal risk management.

Our plans could help you cover the general liabilities of your business, including accidents that cause injuries, equipment damages, or even negligence from your professional advice. No matter your needs, you can find a plan that fits your goals and the needs of your organization’s water skiing team, club, tournament, or event.

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Wakeskating Insurance

Wakeskating is a water sport that has been adapted from wakeboarding. For this sport, a wakeskater surfs waves without being towed by a rope or bound to a board. Since a board does not bind skaters, this sport is physically demanding.

Although this water sport seems like it would just be a fun recreational activity, it is also highly beneficial to the skater’s health. It is a full-body workout that brings various physical and mental benefits.

The health benefits of wakeskating include:

● Increased full-body strength
● Increased cardiovascular health
● Increased endurance
● Better mental health

Why should you get Wakeskating Insurance?

Man makes wakeskating sport stunt

Although it may seem as if wakeskating is a harmless activity that gets people active and outside, it also has some downsides. In other words, it is a somewhat dangerous activity by nature that puts your wakeskating organization at risk due to the circumstances of the sport.

Since skaters aren’t bound to the board, the risk of injuries like falling, concussions, lacerations, or whiplash increases. In addition, since it is a water-based sport, there is a chance of drowning or a boating accident. Not to mention, your organization also faces liabilities from water-related activities.

Since wakeskating is inherently risky, your business should implement a well-rounded Wakeskating Insurance plan. An accident under your organization’s responsibility could result in an expensive lawsuit. Even if negligence is not a factor, you could still be responsible for the costs.

Wakeskating Insurance Programs

You may need different insurance program coverage degrees depending on your organization’s activities. Since wakeskating is a high-risk sport, you should find a Wakeskating Insurance program that can be customized to your business’s activities and risk management strategy.

Sadler Insurance offers well-built insurance programs adaptable to any individual organization’s needs. Our Wakeskating Insurance programs have been crafted to help organizations thrive by managing their risk exposure. So, no matter if you run a wakeskating team, events, or lessons, our insurance policies will provide support.

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Windsurfing Insurance

Windsurfing is a single-person water sport that combines the characteristics of both sailing and surfing. However, windsurfing requires high wind speeds for the sails to catch enough power to propel the surfer forward.

The will surfer stands upright on the board and uses their hands to direct the sail on a path they want across the water’s surface. Many participate in windsurfing just for fun. However, professionals compete in categories such as freestyle sailing, hydro foiling, (big) wave sailing, slalom, formula windsurfing, tandem, super X, and speed sailing.

Windsurfing significantly affects a surfer’s body as it demands full body engagement, complete attention, and multitasking talents. With this being said, windsurfing makes for a great sport that offers the surfer many physical and mental benefits. In addition, it allows participants to explore waterways in a new way.

The health benefits of windsurfing include:

● Increased full-body strength
● Improve mental health
● Improved cardiovascular endurance
● Improved balance and coordination

Why should you get Windsurfing Insurance?

Man windsurfing in the ocean.

Although windsurfing is undoubtedly an exhilarating sport that makes for a great recreational activity and benefits one’s health, the sport is also inherently dangerous. The primary cause of windsurfing accidents is due to the environment.

First, since windsurfing is a water sport, water-related injuries like drowning are life-threatening risks. In addition, the wind must be fairly strong for the sail to catch enough power to push the surfer forward. Therefore, the water conditions are typically rough, which creates a dangerous environment. The winds also result in high speeds making it easy for the surfer to lose control of their sail and cause a physically harmful accident.

Overall, windsurfing is not considered a low-risk sport, and those who run windsurfing organizations need to take proper precautions. If you run a windsurfing club, event, camp, or lessons, implementing vital Windsurfing Insurance is the best way to reduce your liabilities in the case of an accident.

Windsurfing Insurance Programs

Every windsurfing organization requires a different level of protection and policy structure. Therefore, adding a customized insurance program to your risk management strategy is essential. With customization, you will have peace of mind because your specific activities are accounted for in your coverage.

Sadler insurance offers customized Windsurfing Insurance programs and we will help alleviate the liabilities that fall upon your business. Sadler will tailor your insurance plan to include General Liability, Accident Insurance, and Equipment Insurance.

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Wakeboarding Insurance

Wakeboarding is a popular water sport inspired by snowboarding and surfing techniques. Wakeboarders are bound to a wakeboard and towed by a motorboat at a speed of around 30 miles per hour.

This water sport is extremely physical as it takes full-body effort to keep upright on the wakeboard and perform tricks behind the boat. That said, wakeboarding is a great physical activity if you want to improve various aspects of your health.

The health benefits of wakeboarding include:

● Increased full-body strength, especially in the arms, legs, and core
● Improves flexibility in the hands and feet
● Increased cardiovascular health
● Increased endurance
● Better mental health and mental concentration

Why should you get Wakeboarding Insurance?

Motorboat with man wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a fun outdoor activity. Unfortunately, it’s also inherently dangerous because of the physical nature of the sport and the uncontrollable environment.

Common physical injuries occur from falling or colliding with the boat or other objects in the water. In addition, since the sport is very physical, injuries could occur just by participating. Many different physical injuries are likely to happen due to an accident. However, 68% of wakeboarding injuries are ACL tears, shoulder dislocations, and shoulder fractures.

On average, injuries sustained in the wakeboarding incident are not life-threatening. However, because of the water environment and high speeds of the sport, occurrences of drowning or concussions are a risk. Therefore, implementing a robust Wakeboarding Insurance policy is the best way to limit risk exposure and protect your business.

Wakeboarding Insurance Programs

Sadler offers robust Wakeboarding Insurance programs for clubs, events, camps, or instructors. Depending on your business’s individual coverage needs, we can customize an insurance plan to help lower your liabilities.

Our insurance plans can help to cover the liabilities your business or organization will face while in operation. We provide high-quality General Liability and Accident Insurance.

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Kiteboarding Insurance

Kiteboarding is a sport that uses wind power with a large kite that pulls riders across the water. The rider is bound to the board and directs the board by controlling the kite with their arms.

The physicality of kiteboarding is high as it requires a lot of full-body strength and endurance to maneuver the kite and board. In addition, it takes great strength to keep balanced while being pushed by the winds and waves. That said, kiteboarding combines aerobics and resistance exercise that promotes various health benefits riders can gain from participating in the activity.

The health benefits of kiteboarding include:

● Increased full-body strength, especially in the arms, legs, and core
● Improved cardiovascular health and endurance
● Better balance and flexibility
● Stress relief
● Better mental health and concentration

Why should you get Kiteboarding Insurance?

Man making a kiteboarding trick

Building a solid risk management program to alleviate risk exposures is essential if you own a kiteboarding organization.

Since this is a water sport, the kiteboarder is exposed to water-related accidents like drowning, collisions with objects, and high falls from failure to release. In addition, other common injuries from wind boarding accidents included whiplash, concussions, sprains, or laceration. However, because of the physical nature of the sport and extreme speeds, there is potential for injuries.

Kiteboarding Insurance is the best way to guard against the potential accidents at your organization that put you in a financially detrimental situation.

Kiteboarding Insurance Programs

Sadler offers customizable Kiteboarding Insurance programs for clubs, events, camps, and instructors. Unlike many other insurance providers, we understand that each business and its risk exposures are unique. Therefore, we give our clients the option to customize their insurance plans to fit their needs.

Our insurance programs are crafted to protect against liabilities by providing high-quality General Liability and Accident Insurance.

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Sailing Insurance

Sailing is a water sport that uses wind power to maneuver a boat as opposed to a motor. It is typically recreational, but professionals compete in various races and technique competitions. However, whether the boat is used for recreation or competition, it is an enjoyable sport to participate in!

Although sailing is not typically considered a health-beneficial activity, it is a great sport that improves health and fitness in many areas. Sailors control a large vessel and continuously move, so you will definitely use your strength and endurance!

The health benefits of sailing include:

● Increased stamina and endurance
● Improved cardiovascular health
● Promotes alertness
● Improved attentiveness
● Boosts communication skills
● Decreases anxiety

Why should you get Sailing Insurance?

Sailboats sail in windy weather

Dangerous waters, equipment errors, risk of falling overboard, high winds, collisions, and physical accidents are just a few dangerous situations that could happen when sailing. In fact, sailors experience fatalities at a higher rate than in many other sports known for high speeds, falls, and collisions.

Sailing Insurance should be an essential part of sailing organizations’ risk management plans as the sport is inherently high risk. Without coverage, your organization can be found financially liable for potential accidents that could occur. Therefore, applying a customized Sailing Insurance policy is the best way to protect your organization.

Sailing Insurance Programs

For the best benefit to your organization, it is essential to implement an insurance package customized to your unique coverage needs. Sadler offers Sailing Insurance programs for clubs, camps, competitions, and instructors that can be tailored to your organization.

Our insurance programs provide you with General Liability and Accident Insurance.

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Do I need Water Sports Insurance?

Participating in any water sport is a wonderful way to enjoy your day! These sports allow you to enjoy the outdoors in new ways while also pumping your heart. However, as a water sports organization, you must protect yourself against the risks associated with the activity.

Water Sports Insurance is necessary to protect your organization against unknown situations that may arise and cause financial havoc. Sadler’s Water Sports Insurance policies are customized for your organization’s coverage needs to help minimize your individual risk exposures even more.

So, suppose your organization’s water sport activity is Canoeing, Kneeboarding, Wakesurfing, Water Skiing, Wakeskating, Windsurfing, Wakeboarding, Kiteboarding, or Sailing. In that case, we are equipped to provide you with an insurance plan for greater peace of mind.

We will take care of your insurance needs so you can focus on what you do best without worrying about having protection against the unknown. With Sadler Insurance, you can upgrade your risk management strategies with a robust, customizable hassle-free Water Sports Insurance program.