Pilates Instructor Insurance

Hassle-free General Liability Insurance for Pilates instructors training students in owned studios or health clubs.

Pilates Instructor Liability Insurance

  • Limits from $1,000,000 up to $5,000,000 each occurrence
  • Includes Sex Abuse / Molestation
  • Includes Professional Liability
  • No requirements to join an association


What is Pilates?

Founded by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, the Pilates method is still one of the most popular fitness trends on the market. Focusing on a combination of stretching, strengthening, and mat exercises, this technique works to strengthen core muscles and improve your posture. It can also help with muscle recovery, improving balance, and relieving back pain. In fact, many people start Pilates when they are recovering from injuries or other health-related problems because it is low impact and helps them to build strength gradually.


What are the benefits?

Pilates is known for methodical and precise movements that engage the core, arm, and leg muscles. Each position has a unique way of isolating particular areas by relying on extremities for control. You may see an improvement in posture after practicing exercises that focus on the abdomen, shoulder, and lower back. Having good posture provides benefits such as pain relief throughout the body, improvement of blood circulation, an increase in your range of motion, and more.young students in pose during pilates class

The exercises can not only activate muscles for strength but encourage flexibility and joint mobility. Because Pilates consists of slow, continuous movements, the body pulls and stretches while concentrating on balance and coordination. Along with other exercises, Pilates can improve symptoms experienced by those with arthritis to help maintain the flexibility of joints and manage balance.  


What are the risks?

However, along with the noted benefits above can come certain risks. If you are a Pilates instructor, it is imperative to be as aware as possible of lurking hazards. These risks can be costly! Take adequate measures to protect yourself and your patrons in class. Injuries sustained from falls or improper techniques can result in personal injury lawsuits for medical bills and lost wages.

Pilates liability insurance can protect you if someone sues you for negligence or wrongful death. For example, this could happen in the event of a heart attack or bodily injury. Other risks may include:

  • Cervical herniated disk
  • Chronic low back pain
  • Wrist and knee pain

Many inexperienced instructors can not always identify certain conditions in students that would require movement limitations. A Pilates teacher’s duty is to ensure all class attendees are aware of possible risks while performing the exercises. If the trainer does not inform them of potential risks, they could be negligent, making them legally liable.

Recent Fitness Instructor lawsuits

Lawsuits originating from mishaps in a gym or personal instructor’s class may be more common than you think. Check out some recent cases in the news involving instructors: 


How can instructors manage the risks?

There are practical tips for instructors to help avoid some of the risks to students listed above. While Pilates is typically considered a low-impact exercise, certain people may be more at risk than others. Be sure to discuss with students if they have recently had surgery, have pre-existing health conditions such as heart disease, or have pre-existing musculoskeletal injuries or disorders prior to beginning the session. Knowing these factors will help you determine if the student is fit for the class. Some additional risk management strategies include:

  • pilates practice with equipmentEnsure all nearby equipment has been put to the side and stored away. Moving equipment will help avoid any possible trips and falls.
  • If using pilates equipment for exercises, check that they have not been overused or are too old for continued use. 
  • Remember to always follow safety guidelines and industry standards when training students on equipment use.

Pilates closely resembles yoga but remember that Pilates can be far more strenuous when using the full body weight to support oneself. Due to this level of intensity and other risk factors listed above, we recommend getting Pilates class insurance. Make sure to also check out our risk management content page for a complete list of content and links on how to manage risks in your class or studio.


Why do Pilates instructors need insurance?

Accidents are unpredictable. While you may feel as if you have adequately prepared for these kinds of scenarios, you cannot always control what happens in your studio or health club. In addition, class participants may join your sessions at various skill levels. Having beginners and experts in a class leaves opportunities open for how hard they choose to push themselves. Because of this, some students who have lower strength and balance may not be able to support their bodies while performing movements. 

It is also possible for an instructor to be held accountable even when the incident that occurs stretching in pilates class with instructorinvolves equipment. For example, you might be liable if you do not properly install or maintain equipment, place it in a room with sufficient lighting, or update it with the latest safety features. You may also assume the gym or health club would be held responsible. However, it is becoming more frequent that lawyers will sue anyone involved. Protecting yourself from these types of situations with Pilates Instructor Insurance can help preserve your business and your reputation. 


How can an instructor get coverage?

If you are already teaching at a gym or health club, you will likely need to have insurance before you would be able to teach. At Sadler Sports Insurance, we always recommend a reliable liability insurance policy for Pilates instructors. Our Pilates instructor plan can help you significantly reduce your liability in the event of an accidental injury or lawsuit and provide you with peace of mind. You will receive a certificate of insurance and proof of policy immediately after you complete the application. Protect yourself and your business by getting a customizable Pilates instructor insurance policy that best fits your class.

Not only do we serve Pilates instructors, our personal training insurance page includes a wide range of programs we cover, from aerobics to dance to Tai Chi and more!

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