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What is handball?

Handball is a game with two teams of 7 players on the court. The game’s objective is to throw a handball into the opponent’s net to make a goal. There is a goalie on each team defending the shots taken by the other players. The goalie defends the net by using their bodies to block the ball from scoring. Two team nets face each other on opposite sides of a rectangular court where the group plays. 

This sport is fast-paced and combines a player’s skills like speed, strength, agility, and teamwork. The players pass and dribble the ball down the court to get into a position to attempt to score. When one team has control of the ball, the defenders from the opposing team can use their bodies to make contact and prevent them from shooting. Players can only take up to three steps while holding the ball. After that, they need to pass the ball to their teammates to progress. 


What injuries can occur while playing handball?

Handball is a high-impact sport and constantly moving, so the game creates an environment that causes players to be prone to injuries. There have been various studies that have demonstrated that handball players have a high risk of accidents. However, according to a medical study, handball players need to be highly aware of the knee joint for potential injuries. Having this awareness is critical because the knee joint is the most frequently injured body region from the sporadic movements that are in handball. 

Other common injuries in handball include: 

  • Sprained Ankle
  • Throwing Shoulder Injury
  • ACL Injuries
  • Dislocated Shoulder
  • Jumper’s Knee
  • General Back Pain

Even with these risks, there are plenty of benefits to playing handball. Therefore, a handball organization needs to implement risk management practices to help reduce injuries as much as possible.


Risk mitigation in handball

As a handball organization, you are responsible for setting up risk mitigation practices to keep everyone safe. The following are some tactics you can include in your strategy to limit exposure to certain risks and help decrease the likelihood of injury among players. 

  • Effective communication 

    Handball Players in Defense at Goal

Implementing a training program that has a focus on developing the player’s communication could actually help aid in reducing handball injuries. Handball is all about communicating with your teammates to score a goal. So, if the players train to increase their communication, it can help limit collisions with surrounding players. Although some contact is inevitable due to the sport, communication will likely help avoid situations that lead to injuries. 

  • Training program 

It is imperative that each player understands the game’s rules through training programs. Training will help limit confusion on the court when the fast-paced game is in motion. Players should have regular training practices that focus on balance, coordination, and strength exercises. Having a regime that supports the quick movements of the game will help reduce injuries such as strains.

  • Responsible footwear

Handball does not involve a lot of equipment; however, it does involve strenuous running. Therefore, players need to have high-quality shoes as they are an essential equipment component. Players also need to ensure there are no conflicts with their shoes that could cause potential injuries. Potential conflicts include damage to the shoes or not fitting correctly.

  • Liability waiver

Another effective risk management practice is to have the handball players sign a liability waiver before playing. Liability waivers can help the players be more aware of their negligence and could help reduce your liability as a handball coach or organization in the court of law. 


Is handball insurance needed?

Handball is a high contact sport, so there is a chance of injury no matter what type of risk management strategy you put into effect. In the case of a lawsuit arising from a handball incident, you should consider having protection from a high-quality insurance policy. 


Benefits of handball insurance

Handball organizations usually do their due diligence to ensure risk management strategies are in place as the game is in action. However, there is typically a failure to recognize how beneficial handball insurance can be. As a business owner, protection against incidents is a great asset to maintaining the financial success of your operation. Therefore, a comprehensive insurance plan geared towards your handball organization should be considered an integral part of your risk management strategy.

General Liability Insurance Policy Benefits

Adding a general liability policy to your insurance plan can help cover any financial obligations that may fall onto your organization. As handball is a contact sport, injuries can happen that could result in lawsuits or paying medical expenses. 

In addition, if anyone is injured during play at your handball organization, you may be liable to cover lost wages for missing work. A general liability policy could help cover the lost wages of a person who can’t work due to the injury sustained at your organization.


Get handball insurance that fits your needs!

If you own or run a handball organization, you should consider getting a handball insurance policy tailored to your business’s needs. Sadler Insurance offers a customizable Handball Insurance Policy with general liability and accident insurance options. With a comprehensive insurance approach, you will reflect a high degree of professionalism and protect your business from financial problems from unforeseeable incidents. 

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