About Sadler & Company

John M. Sadler

Sadler & Company has specialized in insuring sports and recreation organizations since 1957. Operating in all 50 states, we presently insure over 15,700 local and more than 30 national sports organizations through various special programs. Our history and experience are important because sports and recreation insurance is not something that can be mastered overnight. We have decades of experience in solving problems with creative solutions.

Sadler & Company was founded by John M. Sadler in 1946. His son John M. Sadler, Jr. became president in 1989 and decided to concentrate on the needs of local sports and recreation organizations. Sadler graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Carolina in 1983 with degrees in insurance and finance. Sadler then graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1986 and is licensed to practice law by the South Carolina Bar. In addition, Sadler holds the Certified Insurance Counselor professional designation and has gained real-world experience by serving as national risk manager for various national sports organizations.

Sadler literally wrote the book on sports insurance (or at least that chapter) in the book Risk Management in Sports, Third Edition, by Herb Appenzeller. Chapter 13 is the definitive reference on sports insurance with regard to why it’s needed, how to select a broker, and which policy coverages and exclusions to avoid.

Sadler also serves on the Medical and Safety Advisory Committee of USA Baseball and has designed custom injury data collection systems that have provided ground-breaking research on injury prevention and reduction.

 6 Reasons to Choose Sadler & Company

  1. Quality coverage at lowest possible cost. Our large number of sports and recreation clients and our reputation in the industry translates into substantial buying power in the marketplace. This means we can negotiate the best coverages at the lowest possible cost on your behalf. We are respected by all the major sports insurance providers for our commitment to excellence with our technical skills, automation, education, and risk management resources. As a result, we often get preferential treatment for our clients.
  2. We operate as a sports insurance exchange for broad market access. If our custom in house programs don’t meet the needs of a sports and recreation organization, we can access almost the entire marketplace to find a best in industry insurance program. We represent all the major providers of sports insurance and have excellent working relationships.
  3. Protect your association, board, employees, and volunteers from losing everything in a lawsuit with our professional advice, high limits, and custom coverage enhancements. All insurance policies aren’t created equal. Nationally, over 90% of all sports and recreation insurance policies contain fatal coverage flaws that leave policy holders dangerously exposed. All of our special programs have been designed to meet or exceed certain minimum recommendations and most have custom coverage enhancements for your protection.
  4. Best-in-industry automation results in unequaled speed and convenience. Our fully-trained staff are people oriented and we provide small company service and flexibility with big company sophistication. Coverage can be bound immediately for most programs with on our instant online quote/pay/print. In addition, all servicing requests are logged into our ticketing system and are handled by our qualified service representatives under the supervision of our department manager. Our clients and prospects consistently grade our service performance as A over 97% of the time.
  5. Prompt and fair claims payment. No more disgruntled participants and complaints about claims not being paid. Our claims administrators are carefully selected and monitored based on their actual performance.
  6. Risk management advice to help prevent the injury or lawsuit. Check our our free risk management content on our website including educational bulletins, legal forms, risk management program templates, and videos. None of our competitors offer the same high-quality, user-friendly risk management materials. Our clients can also consult with John Sadler about their concerns.

If you are interested in receiving a no obligation quote on your sports insurance needs, be sure to visit our customized sports insurance programs which are available for teams/leagues, camps/clinics, facilities/studios, tournament hosts, outdoors, etc. Most of our programs offer instant online quote/pay/print.