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Performing arts refers to the arts such as music, dance, and drama performed for an audience. They are a fantastic way for participants to dive into their creativity and entertain an audience. However, as an organization that sponsors performing arts groups, camps, instructors, or performances, there are risks that you should be aware of and find proper insurance solutions to mitigate them.

Most commonly, performing arts organizations are under the pressure of their contractual requirements with facility owners, which include hold harmless/indemnification and insurance requirement provisions.

An empty stage of the theater, lit by spotlights and smoke before the performanceYou could be responsible for costs associated with an accident that causes bodily injury or property damage during a performance. Finally, harm to your performing arts participants or the audience could make your organization responsible for damages arising from costly lawsuits.

At Sadler, we offer customizable Performing Arts Insurance policy options that can help to cover incidents for groups, classes, competitions, camps, and instructors. The policies that would provide substantial coverage for performing arts organizations are General Liability, Accident Insurance, Equipment Insurance, and Crime Insurance policies.

Ballet Insurance

Ballet is a type of artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized steps and techniques. Classical ballet is characterized by being graceful and fluid in movement.

Participating in ballet is highly beneficial to the dancer’s health for both physical and mental health. In addition, the activity increases the dancer’s cardiovascular health and improves overall body strength.

The following are specific benefits that ballet dancing offers:

  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases mental strength & focus
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Improves sleep
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Increases physical coordination & balance
  • Strengthens your immune system

Why get Ballet Insurance?

Legs of ballerinas dancing dancing in a in ballet

Although there are many benefits, there are also risks that come with participating in ballet. Even though the dance is beautiful and delicate, the sport can still cause minor or significant injuries to the dancer.

Ballet involves a high level of jumping, technical movements, and coordination that can result in acute injuries. In addition, dancers perfect their skills by continuously practicing the same motions, which can cause injuries due to the overuse of a particular muscle group.

The physical aspect of the sport puts dancers at risk for common injuries such as:

  • Back Injuries: Spondylolysis is a common back injury in dancers. It is a stress fracture in the lower spine caused by repeatedly extending the back.
  • Hip Injuries: Dancers put a lot of stress on their hips, which can cause labral tears, sometimes referred to as “dancer’s hip”. The injury happens from acute overuse of the hip that causes pain and stiffness in the hip.
  • Knee injuries: Ballet dancing can put a lot of pressure on the knees due to continuous bending, lumping, and maneuvering. This overuse of the knees can lead to accelerated softening of the knee cartilage, which causes aches and pain. In addition, dancers also face stress fractures and sprains in the knees due to hyperextension.
  • Foot and ankle injuries: Ballet involves the continuous technique of footwork, from jumping, turning, and other movements, which puts them at risk for ankle sprains and an inflamed Achilles tendon.

The repercussions of these injuries could be detrimental if they occur at your organization or event. Although you might implement preventative safeguards, a certain degree of risk will never be entirely eliminated.

The best course of action to guard against your liabilities and protect your organization is to apply an adequate Ballet Insurance policy that is customizable to your needs.

Ballet Insurance Programs

Depending on your ballet organization and insurance needs, insurance policies can become a beneficial asset to your risk management strategy. Sadler Insurance has robust programs to help your ballet organization reach its goals and keep risks at bay. Overall, giving you the peace of mind necessary when running a business.

Sadler offers Dance Studios and Programs Insurance for organizations that run ballet studios and programs. This program is put in place to protect against general liabilities, accidents, and equipment loss. In addition, Dance Instructor Insurance is available to protect individual instructors against negligence and other claims.

Sadler Insurance can help build a tailored insurance plan to suit your needs. Whether your organization is a dance facility, performing group, camp, or competition, there’s a solution to keep your company safe.

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Music Lesson Insurance

Music lessons are the formal teaching of a musical instrument such as violin, piano, guitar, or voice. These lessons are often hosted by a professional musician and taught to the student one-on-one. During their classes, students will learn music theory and techniques to learn how to read music and play a song.

Knowing how to play an instrument or sing is an excellent skill for various reasons. It is not only a fun talent to have, but can be highly beneficial for the student’s health.

Learning a new instrument can help to:

  • Develop the brain by boosting memory
  • Increase focus by building up task endurance
  • Boost self-confidence from learning something new
  • Increase mood and mental health
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

Why get Music Lesson Insurance?

Guitarist learning to play the guitar with music teacher

Along with all of these great benefits of music lessons, there are also risks. Fortunately, teaching and participating in music lessons is not high-risk by nature. However, providing lessons carries certain liabilities that should not be ignored, as well as, contractural requirements to carry liability insurance.

Being liable for incidents at your music lessons could be financially detrimental to your business. For example, a bodily injury, property damage to premises, negligent advice, or loss of expensive musical equipment could result in substantial out-of-pocket expenses.

Your company can implement risk protection and management strategies to help limit exposure. However, it is impossible to eliminate all risks. Therefore, a robust Music Lesson Insurance policy is necessary to help keep your business protected.

Music Lesson Insurance Programs

All music lesson businesses are different, so insurance policies cannot be a one-size-fits-all plan. Securing a robust Music Lesson Insurance policy that fits your business coverage needs is necessary for success.

Sadler Music Lesson Insurance is customizable to help protect instructors and organizations from unexpected incidents, including loss, theft, damage, or on-site injuries. Music Lesson Insurance for Instructors can also help protect your music business against charges of negligence or harm based on a professional service or advice you provided.

No matter your business structure and activities, we can help cover your exposure.

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Singing Insurance

Singing is defined as the act of making musical sounds with the voice. Essentially, it is a refined technique that uses air in the lungs to create harmonies, riffs, melodies, or rhythms.

Typically, singing is done a cappella, without backup instruments, or accompanied by musical instruments. When done professionally, singers perform on stage alongside a live band playing instruments to entertain an audience.

Singing has been known to be highly beneficial for a singer’s mental and physical health.

Here are a few of the benefits singers can expect to experience:

  • Increases Lung Function: Singing requires deep breathing, which helps to increase lung capacity and strengthen the muscles around the lungs.
  • Reduces Stress: Taking deep breaths and putting emotion into your singing helps to put a little joy in your life and reduces stress!
  • Improves Memory: Singing involves concentrating on multiple things and focusing on what’s coming next. The activity also trains your muscle memory, which helps to improve memory overall.
  • Increase Mood: Singing releases the “happy chemicals” – endorphins and dopamine, which are scientifically proven to increase mood and reduce depression. In addition, singing helps oxygen move to the brain, which is also a physical mood booster.

Why get Singing Insurance?

Close-up microphone with blurred background

The many physical and mental benefits of singing make it a great activity to participate in. Additionally, it’s enjoyable and entertaining! However, when performing professionally, there is an added layer of risk.

You could be financially strained if something goes wrong that restricts your ability to perform a contracted show. Breaking contracts could seriously harm your reputation and cost significant amounts of money.

In addition, you could also be liable for your injuries if you are negligent as a performer. Then the responsibility for medical-related expenses or compensatory damages could fall on you and your business. This could wreak financial havoc on your business and professional career.

Two steps can be taken to help limit these unfortunate situations. The first is to plan and implement a robust risk management strategy that involves practices that will help limit exposure and liabilities. Secondly, you need a secure Singing Insurance policy customized for your protection needs.

Singing Insurance Programs

As a professional singer, you know how important it is to provide the best experience possible at a performance. However, perfect situations do not always happen in reality. So, whatever your style of music, from rap to Latin music, you should have comprehensive Singing Insurance coverage.

With Event Cancellation Insurance, you could get coverage for situations in which you must cancel your event. In addition, you must know the vendor’s insurance policy to determine if coverage will help lower your liability risks if performing in a venue. If hosting your event, Vendors Insurance is a necessary safeguard.

In addition, Sadler Insurance offers various Singing Insurance programs to build customized plans for maximum protection. So, we can help develop an insurance policy package that will give you peace of mind when participating in the singing activities you enjoy!

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Theater Insurance

Theatrical performances are a collaborative live experience on a stage. Typically, a set is built out on a stage for the characters to give a realistic performance. Then, actors use the stage to portray a character and tell a fictional or nonfictional story. Finally, a theater show is planned to create a powerful sense of drama and entertain a live audience.

Participating in theater is not only an enjoyable production to be a part of, but some benefits can be gained. For example, being in theater helps to develop communication, problem-solving, and time-management skills. In addition, memorizing the performance lines and actions inevitably helps to increase your memory.

For the audience, theater can be a source of happiness, especially if those in the audience appreciate the entertainment. In addition, participating in activities you enjoy improves your mental health. So, the escape and fulfillment that those in the audience can feel while watching the performance can decrease stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression.

Why get Theater Insurance?

Theater masks in front of a red curtain

These benefits are only a few that can be experienced when participating in theater. However, that does not mitigate the risks associated with hosting a theatrical performance. Fortunately, performing theater is not necessarily high-risk due to its nature. However, there are associated risks for a business with a live audience and a stage set full of equipment.

There could be multiple occasions that cause the show not to go on. This could leave your organization with financial strain if you break contracts or have to refund tickets. In addition, you could risk damaging your organization’s reputation and may be seen as unreliable, making it challenging to fill your audience and secure venues.

Finally, there is also a chance that expensive staging equipment may be stolen, lost, or damaged. In addition, accidents that cause harm to performers or the audience could end up being your liability, and the medical expenses could be detrimental to your financial stability.

Some situations described above could be avoidable with proper risk management practices. Therefore, planning and implementing strategies to reduce unfortunate and unexpected events is essential. However, your organization cannot eliminate all risks. Therefore, your organization should implement Theater Insurance to fill the risk gaps and ensure your production runs smoothly.

Theater Insurance Programs

Both the acts of participating and watching theater performances are excellent activities. The cast can explore their creativity and tell captivating stories while the audience enjoys watching the performance. However, as mentioned, there are risks involved when hosting live events.

As an organization in theater, you know how much work and planning it takes to produce a fantastic performance. In addition, many moving parts and variables can jeopardize the performance outcome and your business.

Therefore, you need Event Cancellation Insurance, so you have coverage in the event you must cancel your event. In addition, you need to ensure you have adequate Vendors Insurance to help cover your liabilities that could arise from hosting an event.

Sadler offers customizable insurance, so you can create an insurance policy that covers your production’s activities. There are insurance solutions for those who run a theater team or club or operate a theater camp or clinic. No matter your goals, we can bring peace of mind to your theater production.

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Do I need Performing Arts Insurance?

It’s best to put as much thought into protecting your organization as the effort you put into your outstanding performances. Performing Arts Insurance is necessary to keep your organization thriving by decreasing your exposure to detrimental risks.

The Performing Arts Insurance coverage level at Sadler Insurance depends on your organization’s needs. So, whether you are a ballet, singing, or music lesson instructor, theater company, or professional performer, we can cultivate an insurance policy that fits you.

As an insurance broker protecting not-for-profit organizations since 1946, we are equipped to give you the peace of mind you deserve. We help Performing Arts organizations avoid the downfall of financial risks by providing the right insurance plan to protect businesses from dire situations.

With Sadler Insurance, you can find a hassle-free Performing Arts Insurance program that will be a relieving addition to your performing arts risk management strategy.