Indoor Rock Climbing Facility Insurance

 Get low-cost General Liability Insurance for Rock Climbing Walls to protect against catastrophic injuries and lawsuits.

General Liability

  • Limits from $1 million to $5 million
  • Occurrence Policy Form
  • Coverage for Athletic Participants
  • Non-owned and Hired Auto option
  • Sex Abuse & Molestation option


  • Medical limits up to $25,000
  • Deductible options
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment up to $10,000

Rock Climbing Insurance and Risk Management

Indoor rock climbing has become a popular and fun way to stay in shape. The synthetic rock wall affords the opportunity to experience the feel of climbing an actual rock face without the major risks involved in outside rock climbing.   Introduced in the 1980s, indoor rock climbing has grown so popRockwall Facility Insuranceular that approximately 10 million people go to rock climbing facilities every year.  Not only is rock climbing an excellent way to stay in shape, but it offers also offers the chance to improve self-confidence and create a feeling of achievement.  Corporate team building climbs improve trust and communication among team members, and climbing birthday parties and other youth and adult group climbs offer fun for all ages.

Indoor rock climbing walls are vertical slabs made of wood or synthetic material. Some walls resemble natural boulders, while others are smooth with plenty of overhangs.  Plastic grips cover the surface of the walls giving climbers the handholds and footholds needed for scaling the wall’s face.  The level of a wall’s difficulty is determined by its height, steepness and angle, and texture.  Equipment includes safety harnesses, belays, and rope, helmets, shoes, and mats.   Most facilities also provide locker space, changing rooms, and snack bars.

The risk management practices for indoor rock climbing General Liability insurance policies include:

  • participants being required to wear helmets and shoes and utilize harnesses and ropes
  • regular inspection of ropes and anchors, landing and wall surfaces, and hand and footholds
  • hiring experienced, CPR and first-aid certified climbing instructors and staff
  • posting and enforcement of rules
  • minimum age and height requirements.

Incorporating the above risk management controls is the first step in reducing the risk of General Liability claims by injured participants.

Even with the utmost attention to details, injuries can and do occur on climbing walls.  The most common are foot injuries, but cuts, fractures, and sprains can occur from falls.  Head injuries are not common since they’re largely prevented by helmets and harnesses and the fact that most climbers fall feet first.

Children’s birthday parties andRock Wall insurance other events are often held in indoor rock climbing facilities. It is important that these groups are closely supervised by staff for the duration of the group visit as horseplay and roughhousing are often the cause of injuries.

Requiring a signed waiver/release form for all climbers should be mandatory. Parents or legal guardians should sign a minor waiver/release form in addition to having the minor’s signature.  These waivers are worth having even if they don’t prevent a lawsuit because they can be used by rock climbing facility owner’s General Liability insurance carriers to greatly reduce the amount of damages owed by the gym.

In addition to the proper risk management controls, the best way to protect yourself and your business is to have both indoor rock climbing Accident and General Liability insurance with sufficient limits.

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