Indoor Cycling Instructor Insurance

High limit, low cost General Liability insurance for indoor cycling instructors supervising individual or group fitness and exercise activities.

Indoor Cycling Instructor Liability Insurance

  • Limits from $1,000,000 up to $5,000,000 each occurrence
  • Includes Professional Liability
  • Includes Sex Abuse / Molestation
  • No requirement to join an association


What is indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling classes are high-intensity, anaerobic workouts designed to burn fat, calories and reduce stress using a stationary bicycle. In addition, the bike allows for low-impact training that’s good for those with kneeindoor cycling class students and hip problems. Classes typically last anywhere from 40 – 60 min with cycling intervals ranging from 5 – 10 min. The sessions are usually a pretty intense environment with plenty of shouting, sweating, and fast-paced music. This aggressive atmosphere has its pros and cons depending on the overall health of each participant.


Common indoor cycling risk factors

As an instructor, you want what’s best for your class and for them to achieve their best results. Therefore, instructors will naturally lean toward being authoritative and pushing their classes to the limit. While that is what makes an indoor cycling class fun, certain risks are involved with this type of strenuous activity.

  • Individuals who are very unfit or have pre-existing heart conditions may be at risk of overexertionindoor cycling instructor injury insurance or developing other issues.
  • Common injuries include ankle strains and muscle tears.
  • Many participants complain of back pain after being hunched over for an hour. It’s also challenging to maintain good posture over such a long period of time.
  • Incorporating upper bodyweight exercises into an indoor cycling workout can be complicated for beginners leading to more posture issues, incorrect form, and ultimately, injuries.

Sometimes, rare conditions such as rhabdomyolysis can occur where the muscles begin to break down after the release of a harmful protein into the body. This release occurs when the muscles undergo extreme levels of strain.


Indoor cycling risk management

To avoid some of the risks of the injuries listed above, instructors need to emphasize that class members have the proper handlebar and seat positions. These simple instructions can specifically help steer clear of potential bodily injuries such as back or muscle complaints. Instructors should also constantly remind participants to have an upright posture with shoulders pushed back throughout a class session. Some additional risk management strategies include:

  • For beginners, shorten the intervals and encourage them to build up their pace gradually.
  • Make sure students have plenty of water breaks before, during, and after exercising.
  • Allow ample time for stretching – focusing on critical parts of the body like the neck, shoulders,studio cycling class risk management stretching wrists, back, and glutes.

Remember that indoor cycling may look similar to outdoor cycling, but many outdoor cyclists agree that indoor cycling can be far more intense. Due to this level of intensity and other risk factors listed above, we recommend getting indoor cycling class insurance.

Recent indoor cycling lawsuits

Physical injury-related lawsuits are not the only predicaments indoor cycling instructors can find themselves in. Below are several lawsuits in the news involving instructors: 


Why get indoor cycling insurance for your indoor cycling class?

Accidents happen. As much as instructors may try, they will never have complete control over what a participant decides to do or how hard they choose to push themselves. Not everyone in a cycling class is at the same level. As a result, some students who have lower strength and endurance may try to mirror the pace of advanced riders. Ultimately, the rate may be too much, and they could injure themselves.

Protect your business by getting an indoor cycling instructor insurance policy that best fits your class. Our indoor cycling instructor insurance plan can help you to reduce your liability significantly. Sadler Sports Insurance helps indoor cycling instructors every day by reducing their liability in the event of an accident or lawsuit.

What are the benefits of indoor cycling insurance?

Not only can indoor cycling Instructor Insurance help protect you from potential accidents or injuries that may occur during your class, but it can also help cover associated costs that can become expensive.injury insurance for studio cycling class These high costs can personally and professionally strain you and possibly put your career in jeopardy. Indoor cycling insurance can help you avoid this burden and keep your business on track.

Experienced and inexperienced students want an instructor who is serious about their profession and, of course, knows how to instruct! An instructor who invests in an insurance policy nonverbally communicates the seriousness that they take in their profession. In addition, it shows their dedication to keeping themselves and others safe. 

How does indoor cycling insurance cover you?

As previously mentioned, bodily injury claims are not the only incidents to be concerned with when it comes to lawsuits. While a general liability insurance policy will be able to help support you against medical expenses, worker’s compensation, and other compensatory damages, you may also want to consider a professional liability insurance policy.

What distinguishes a professional liability policy from a general liability policy is your protection if professional mistakes come into question. While we understand mistakes happen, there is always the possibility that a student in your class blames you for inaccurate instruction that results in an injury. Professional Liability can protect against certain types of lawsuits that allege economic damages without accompanying bodily injury or property damage.

If you teach your indoor cycling class in a rented space, you should not assume that you’re covered under your employer’s policy.


How can you get protection for you and your business?

Many gyms and studios will require insurance before they allow you to teach. Get ahead of the game and invest in an insurance policy at Sadler Sports. Offering customizable indoor cycling instructor insurance plans, our policies can fit the needs of your indoor cycling class, whether taught in an indoor cycling studio or at your home. You’ll get your certificate of insurance and proof of policy immediately after completing your application. Reduce your liability and get a quote now!

Do you run a studio or instruct other types of fitness instructor programs? You can visit our personal trainer insurance page to see all of the different programs we cover. You can also sign up for our risk management content page for a complete list of content and links on how to manage risks in your class or studio.

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