Bands and Performing Groups Insurance

General Liability Insurance for bands and performing groups at Rates as Low as $173!


This program has been designed for U.S.-based performing groups that work on an independent contractor basis entertaining at events and performances. Coverages provided include important protection for the performing group for liability claims arising out of their operations.



The following criteria must be met to be eligible for coverage under this program:

  • All groups must have at least one member or representative who is at least 18 years of age.
  • No more than 30 members in a performing group
  • Annual gross income from the performing groups activities cannot exceed $500,000.


Balloon Artists
Belly Dancers
Caricature Sketching Artists
Celebrity Look-Alikes
Choral Groups*
DJ’s or KJ’s*
Drum Corp or Bugle Corp*
Face/Body Painters (FDA approved/compliant paint only)
Holiday Characters
Musical Ensemble (quartet, duo, instrumental)
Musicians, Singers or Vocalists*
Non-touring Bands (tribute, wedding, garage)*
Psychics/Fortune Tellers
Story Tellers
Western Performers


Operations and music genres not eligible for this program include but are not limited to the following:

  • Acrobatic/Aerialist Performers
  • Actors or Actresses
  • Bands and Groups with Music Genres of electronic/techno, hip hop, rap and heavy metal/screamo
  • Circus Performers
  • Cosmetologist/Beauticians
  • Escape Artists
  • Exotic Dancers
  • Henna/Mehndi artists
  • Historical Battle Re-enactment groups
  • Hypnotists
  • Instruction of other individuals for a fee
  • Jousters
  • Mascots (college, high school, professional)
  • Models
  • Performers putting on athletic exhibition
  • Performers using weapons (with live ammunition or sharpened blades)
  • Permanent Tattoo and/or Body Piercing Artist
  • Production/Entertainment Companies
  • Public Speakers
  • Pyrotechnicians
  • School accredited / sponsored programs, bands and/or performing groups
  • Strength Performers
  • Strippers
  • Stunt performers
  • Touring bands and/or groups

Note: Please see the application and policy for a complete list of ineligible operations and notable exclusions. This site is for information purposes only.


General Aggregate (other than Products Completed Operations

Each Occurrence

Products/Completed Operation Aggregate

Personal and Advertising Injury

Legal Liability to Participants

Damage to Premises Rented to You (fire legal liability)

Medical Expense (other than participants)

Medical Payments for Participants









$     5,000









$     5,000


Single Event Coverage (single event = 10 days or less)

Annual Coverage (with an annual income of $30,000 or less)

Annual Coverage (with an annual income of $30,001 to $100,000)

Annual Coverage (with an annual income of $100,001 to $200,000)

Annual Coverage (with an annual income of $200,001 to $300,000)

Annual Coverage (with an annual income of $300,001 to $400,000)

Annual Coverage (with an annual income of $400,001 to $500,000)


$   181

$   555







$   264

$   825






Cost includes premium and a $15 (RPG) risk purchasing administration fee.  An RPG Fee provides group purchasing power for similar risks resulting in potential advantageous coverage terms, competitive rates, risk management bulletins, and rewards for favorable group loss experience.

Please see application for complete bands and performing groups coverage description.

Rates are available from 04-01-2022 to 03-31-2023.

Coverage is provided by a carrier rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company.


Two options for coverage for claims arising out of sexual abuse or sexual molestation:

  • $1,000,000 Sexual Abuse or Sexual Molestation Liability Coverage
  • $100,000 Abuse, Molestation, Harassment or Sexual Conduct Defense Cost Reimbursement
  • See application for details and rates

Notice to Agents and Brokers: Agents and brokers do not have binding authority and there are no commissions included in this program.

What can go wrong if you’re a one man band or small performing group?

Accidents and injuries happen on occasion in the most conservative of settings, even during performances of one man bands or small performing groups. Performers need this essential liability protection to avoid losing business or personal assets in the event of a lawsuit.

But even if you think you don’t need this insurance due to the low risk nature of your operations, most venue owners require proof of adequate liability insurance, as well as indemnification from performers in the event of injuries to third parties. That’s why General Liability insurance is a must. The good news is that it can be affordable, fast, and easy to acquire.


Examples of what can go wrong:


Property damage to venue or equipment of others due to your alleged negligence
  •  Faulty wiring in your equipment or wiring could cause a fire that damages buildings.
  • Floor or walls could be damaged by moving heavy equipment.
  • Heavy equipment topples onto equipment of other performers.
 Bodily injury to patrons or other workers
  •  A spectator falls off the stage and is injured during audience participation.
  • A venue employee is injured while trying to assist you.
  • A spectator trips over a microphone or speaker cord
  • A speaker topples and injures spectator.
  • Inadequate security results in overcrowding and a stampede hazard.
  • Allegation of sex abuse or molestation
Contractual assumption of liability of venue owner in your work agreement through indemnification / hold harmless provision
  • Stage collapse
  • Building fire
  • Inadequate crowd control

What does General Liability insurance cover?

General Liability insurance covers certain lawsuits arising from your negligence in your premises or operations, which results in bodily injury or property damage. It will also pay for certain assumptions of liability through an indemnification / hold harmless provision which is commonly found in work agreements with venue owners.

The policy will pay up to the policy limits in the event of settlement or adverse jury verdict and will provide an attorney for your legal defense. In many cases, the most expensive component of litigation is attorneys fees.


What are typical insurance requirements of venue owner?

Common insurance requirements include proof of coverage through a currently valid certificate of insurance evidencing General Liability insurance with an each occurrence Band Insurancelimit of $1,000,000. However some venue owners may require a $2,000,000 each occurrence  limit. The each occurrence limit is the amount that the insurance carrier will pay for damages arising out of one incident.

In addition, the policy has an aggregate limit which is the total amount the carrier will pay for all lawsuits arising out of the policy year. The aggregate limit requirement is typically double the each-occurrence limit requirement.

Most agreements will also require that the policy name the venue owner as an “additional insured.” Additional insurance status means that you are sharing your limits with the venue owner and they want your insurance to pay for any claim so that their insurance is protected from paying a loss.


Beware of unfair indemnification / hold harmless provisions

The indemnification / hold harmless provision in work agreements will typically require the performer to take responsibility for legal defense and the payment of any injury or damage to third parties, such as spectators.

The more equitable versions of these provisions will require the performer to assume all liability if the performer is either solely or partially negligent. But other, more onerous versions may require the performer to assume liability even if the venue owner is 100% negligent, such as in the case of a stage collapse or the hiring of inadequate security. Such a provision is very unfair and an effort should be made to negotiate a more favorable version.

 The good news is that most General Liability policies include contractual liability coverage which will respond to certain losses assumed under indemnification / hold harmless provisions.


Affordable General Liability coverage is available with instant online quote/pay/print

Our insurance agency represents one of the leading A+ rated carriers for bands and performing groups that provides affordable General Liability insurance and allows for simple online enrollment in as little as 10 minutes and payment by credit card or ACH.

The annual premium is based on expected annual revenue and start out as low as:

$530 for a $1,000,000 each occurrence limit.

$788 for a $2,000,000 each occurrence limit.

An option to add coverage for  sex abuse/molestation is available for an additional premium charge.

Immediately after online enrollment, our clients can print off proof of coverage documents and certificates for venue owners. Additional certificates for new venue owners can be self issued 24/7.