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ArcadeGeneral Liability

  • Limits from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000
  • Occurrence Policy Form
  • Coverage for Athletic Participants
  • Non Owned and Hired Auto option
  • Sex Abuse & Molestation option



  • Medical limits up to $25,000
  • Deductible options
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment up to $10,000

Video game arcades never seem to lose their appeal to some age groups. Even with the advent of home video games, the arcade atmosphere still holds fascination for the mostly under-40 set, especially teenagers. The thrill of competition and the advanced technology and graphics that current arcades offer keeps young people returning for the fun and social interaction these businesses offer.

Most arcade businesses are located in or near amusement parks, restaurants, airports, bowling alleys, or other popular establishments for families and/or teenagers.  Businesses are open all week, with later hours on weekends and holidays.  While considered seasonal in some locations, more and more businesses are popular year round.  Most games are affordable, another popular draw for the young.   The arcade owner must continue to update and/or change the games on a regular basis to keep patrons interested. Updates range from changing levels of competition to swapping out unpopular games, especially since word of mouth keeps patrons coming back (or not). Equipment is minor: video games, pinball machines (for the those faithful to pinball), ticket/token counters or machines, and change machines.  Some centers offer snack bars if they are not connected to a food area via another business.

Video Arcade Risk Management and General Liability Insurance

Risk management practices for video arcades to satisfy General Liability insurance carriers include proper inspection and maintenance of machines (including changes and upgrades to games); maximum occupancy requirements; proper maintenance of building and care of floors (i.e., tacking down of loose carpet, regular sweeping of hard flooring); power cord installation and placement away from patrons to avoid trips and falls; clear posting of exit signs; posting of signs to warn of shaking and/or damaging the machines in any way; posting of no loitering  and age limit signs (where applicable); and proper training of employees for money collection, game repair, and customer supervision.

Most accidents that occur at a video arcade are from tripping and falling. However, some patrons can become angry and frustrated, injuring themselves (and others) from rattling a machine. Rowdy patrons can fight with one another. Employees can become hurt by violent players.  Lawsuits can happen.  Having both Accident and General Liability insurance with sufficient limits for proper coverage will help in the unfortunate event of a lawsuit.