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UofSC Club Sports men’s lacrosse team climbs to the top after overcoming funding obstacles

In May, a second-straight national championship win was within the grasp of the University of South Carolina men’s lacrosse club team. But to compete for the title, they had to cough up $20,000 in travel costs. The trip to Round Rock, Texas …

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2022 Insurance Program Released for American Youth Football

The gold standard that is the envy of the competition

The American Youth Football and American Youth Cheer endorsed insurance provider, Sadler Sports Insurance, released the new 2022 insurance program for teams /associations /conferences on May 6, 2022. Online enrollment will be available on May 6, 2022.

The 2022 program is, once again, the gold standard in …

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situational awareness

Situational Awareness Reduces Risk at Sports / Entertainment Events

Preventing tragedies at concerts and other public events starts with situational awareness

The recent deaths of ten people at an Astroworld concert have brought the discussion of safety and accountability at crowded events to the forefront of the event industry. People have pointed fingers at performer Travis Scott, as well as security staff and the concertgoers …

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Injury to Knee Results in Costly Lawsuit Against Fitness Center

An injury could lead to litigation. Know how to protect yourself and your gym.

Picture this scenario: You open a gym. It’s going great. People are flocking to work out. Your vision for creating a community that fosters health and wellness is coming to fruition. You hire the best personal trainers who take the time to know …

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Saliva Test To Detect Sports Concussions Could Be Available Soon

Biomarkers in saliva test indicate head trauma

New research out of the University of Birmingham in England has found biomarkers the saliva test available can detect concussions in men. These results for men are within minutes. The biomarkers showcase how the body reacts and changes to head trauma hours and days after the initial incident.

The University …

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heart health amateur athletes

Athlete Study: No Connection Between COVID And Heart Issues

A recent athlete study published in the Circulation Journal of the American Heart Association in April of 2021 shows little evidence or direct connection to college athletes who have had Covid-19 and heart-related issues. Those findings suggest that once students recover from Covid-19, they can safely return to play without additional treatment or testing.

Why is …

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invasive viewing windows in high school locker room

$300M Locker Room Peeping Lawsuit Alleges Child Abuse / Privacy Issues

Lessons to be learned about managing locker rooms to prevent child abuse and invasion of privacy

The class-action lawsuit filed in S.C. State Court alleges that Bishop England High School in Charleston, South Carolina knowingly allowed windows for staff viewing of students inside the boy’s and girls’ gym locker rooms. The windows were apparently installed in …

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rugby study looks at contact sports and covid transmission

Rugby Study: Extremely Low COVID Transmission Rate in Contact Sports

COVID transmission rate tested with professional rugby league

What is the relation of contact sports to the transmission of COVID-19? A study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine says there may not be one. In the study, they analyzed professional rugby players over the course of 36 league matches. There were 34 players in …

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Athletic Trainers

COVID-19 and Return-to-Play Webinar

Sadler Sports Insurance and Go4Ellis Webinar Recording

Sadler Sports Insurance partnered with Go4Ellis (on demand per diem access to athletic trainers) to produce a fantastic webinar on COVID-19 and return to sports. It was very well received by the live audience. Many of the participants said they received real value for the first time in the form of an …

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