2024 Insurance Program Released for American Youth Football

The gold standard that is the envy of the competition

The American Youth Football and American Youth Cheer endorsed insurance provider, Sadler Sports Insurance, has released the new 2024 insurance program for teams /associations /conferences which will be applicable for all new and renewal enrollments with effective dates 6-30-2024 and later.

The 2024 program is, once again, …

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NMAA New Bylaws Levy Sanctions For Bad Fan Behavior In High School Sports

High schools under the New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) recently took a significant step towards curbing unsportsmanlike conduct in sports. Nearly 80% of the membership approved an update to Bylaw 7.7.4 that governs Crowd Control & Unsportsmanlike Conduct. But what exactly does this mean, and will the new regulations make a difference? Let’s …

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American Youth Cheer insurance

American Youth Cheer Releases Study on Injury Trends 2005 – 2023

American Youth Cheer (AYC), the cheer division of American Youth Football (AYF), has released a study of injuries reported under its Accident insurance program through the endorsed insurance provider, Sadler Sports & Recreation Insurance.

The study consists of 259 injuries reported from 2005 to 2022 for cheerleaders ages 5 to 18 with the vast majority in …

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Sports Anti-Violence Fist

Sports Anti-Violence Risk Management For Amateur Sports Associations

Violence incidents becoming increasingly common

Sports violence is on the rise and the public is being bombarded with accounts of violence between sports officials and spectators, coaches and spectators, and spectator on spectator. Sports officials are resigning in record numbers over actual or feared verbal and physical assaults. There are increasing accounts of gun violence in the stands …

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Travel Ball: Pros, Cons, Injuries and Insurance



Travel ball rebounds from COVID

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the youth sports market in the United States was a $19 billion industry, according to a study by WinterGreen Research. Youth travel sports have rebounded from the impact of the pandemic. They now account for a significant segment of the market.

Youth sports travel teams are composed …

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Horror Stories About What Can Go Wrong

Serious lawsuits and injuries can happen in your sports organization.

Ask yourself: Are you fully protected?

Our sports insurance clients file a large number of small to medium sized claims. But, we often hear “horror stories” about serious lawsuits and injuries. Besides being an insurance advisor, I am also an attorney and I know how these “horror …

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Youth Sports Misconduct Extends To Social Media

And includes cyberbullying

The excitement of a new school year brings enthusiasm for the beginning of many youth sports seasons. As competitions get underway, coaches, activity directors and athletic staff also may become aware of instances of bullying and cyberbullying.

Children’s sports team coaches and athletic staff may be surprised to learn that the fundamentals of sportsmanship …

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Club Sports Insurance


UofSC Club Sports men’s lacrosse team climbs to the top after overcoming funding obstacles

In May, a second-straight national championship win was within the grasp of the University of South Carolina men’s lacrosse club team. But to compete for the title, they had to cough up $20,000 in travel costs. The trip to Round Rock, Texas …

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situational awareness

Situational Awareness Reduces Risk at Sports / Entertainment Events

Preventing tragedies at concerts and other public events starts with situational awareness

The recent deaths of ten people at an Astroworld concert have brought the discussion of safety and accountability at crowded events to the forefront of the event industry. People have pointed fingers at performer Travis Scott, as well as security staff and the concertgoers …

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