Dek Hockey (or Deck Hockey) Insurance

Protect your Dek Hockey team, league, camp, or tournament with General Liability, Accident, Directors & Officers, Crime and Equipment insurance.


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Dek Hockey Insurance for youth and adult teams includes General Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Accident, Crime and Equipment.
• Offers rock-solid protection
• Simple online application and quick turn around
• You can save up to 38%
• Proof of coverage INSTANTLY in most cases


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Coaches should carry dek hockey insurance due to the many different types of injuries that may occur while playing the game. Dek hockey is a full contact sport that can be played on many different types of surfaces and in different types of weather. This flexibility provides many variables and makes it difficult to manage the risks associated with the game. The coach, organizer, or manager has to make several decisions that could impact their financial liability should an injury occur.

Injuries can frequently occur when the game is played in extreme weather conditions. The players may get hurt from slips and falls on the playing surface duDek Hockey or Deck Hockeye to rain or snow. The player may also suffer dehydration when playing in excessive heat conditions. The coach or organizer ultimately decide about whether or not to play in extreme conditions, so they can certainly be held liable if a medical incident occurs as a result of the weather.

Additional injuries can arise if proper protective equipment isn’t worn, or if the protective gear isn’t worn correctly. Physical collisions are common in this sport, and many times the coach or organizer can be held liable if protective gear isn’t available or used appropriately. Dek hockey insurance provides protection against lawsuits that can arise out of injuries like these.

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  • “Called your number and was given all possible help and guidance for my transaction. I dislike dealing with insurance but this was easy and pleasant. Thank You!” – Franklin Page, Marion Recreation
  • “Experience was very satisfying.  Found instructions very easy to follow and was able to get insurance for my players all on my own. Talked to Sadler one morning.  I was guided to the website and what I needed to get insurance. That afternoon I sat down and within 30 minutes we had insurance for us to go out and play.  I’m a coach not an office person and if I can sit down and walk thru as easy as I did, anyone can….Thanks” – Mark Holcombe, Chapel Grove Optimist