Curling Insurance

Curling Insurance

Protect your Curling team, league, camp, or tournament with General Liability, Accident, Directors & Officers, Crime and Equipment insurance.


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Curling Insurance for Youth and Adult Teams, including General Liability, Accident, Crime and Equipment, Directors and Officers Liability.

• Offers rock-solid protection
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• You can save up to 38%
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  • Regular season curling
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Curling is one of the oldest team sports. It originated in Scotland in 16th century, where games took place on frozen ponds and curling insurancelochs. It’s a two-team sport, with each team having four players, and played on a rectangular field of ice known as a sheet. Curling is sometimes called the roaring game because of the rumbling sound the 44-pound stones make as they slide across the ice.

Mostly unfamiliar to Americans, curling has grown in popularity across the globe during the last century. It was made an official Olympic winter sport for men and women in 1998. Many people describe the sport as a cross between shuffleboard and bowling. One of the most unique aspects of the sport is the equipment. The stones, or curling rocks, are made of a rare granite that is quarried on Scotland’s Ailsa Craig. Each rock is polished and has a handle attached. Players move the stones along the ice using brooms.

See the video below for a basic understanding of the sport. You’ll learn why it’s called curling and what all the noise is about. Curling team insurance

Even though curling is a relatively safe sport to participate in, curling insurance is necessary because injuries and lawsuits still occur.

Since curling is played on ice, it’s no surprise that slipping and falling is the main cause for injury. Any number of injuries can occur during a slip and fall incident, and the slick surface of the ice increases the chances that a falling player will not be able to adequately position his or her body and hands to minimize injury.

Another type of injury that is common in curling occurs when a player attempts to carry the rock. The player either picks the rock up incorrectly causing damage to the back, or slips when the rock is picked up, causing the player to fall. Injuries associated with picking up the rock can be severe as the back is typically related.

Rowdy behavior is also a predictable source of injury in curling. Regardless of the Curling Insurancecause of injury, the team or league administrators or coach can be held liable for not creating a safe playing environment, not stepping in to stop any unsafe activity, or for not teaching the players how to move the rock correctly.

General safety tips in curling include:

  • Use the broom to stop a rock, never your foot. You could lose your balance and fall.
  • Always carry the broom, which can be helpful in maintaining balance.
  • Watch for stray rocks and prevent rocks from going onto another sheet.
  • Slide the rocks-never lift them.
  • Walk or slide, never hop or run.
  • Keep your weight on the balls of your feet, not your heels to prevent fall backwards and hitting your head on the ice.
  • Never go onto the ice when your balance is impaired from sickness, alcohol, etc.
  • Always wear rubber-soled shoes for traction on the ice or invest in a pair of specially designed curling shoes.

It’s crucial to have a solid curling insurance policy, including Accident and General Liability in place to protect against the risk of financial loss due to claims after an injury. Call one of our insurance experts for help in determining the right coverage for your unique needs. Or fill out our quick online application now.

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