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General Interest
12 and 15-Passenger Vans
Emergency Information/Medical Consent Form
Image Release Form
Sample Waiver/Release Form- Minor
Sample Waiver/Release Form-Adult
Are Waiver/Release Forms Worth the Paper They’re Written On?
Collect Certificates Of Insurance from Vendors
Before You Sign the Facility Lease Agreement
Food Handling Checklist for Sports Concession Stand
Heat Illness: Avoidance And Prevention
Lightning Safety


Child Abuse/Molestation

Child Abuse/Molestation Protection Program-Administrators (long form, includes Volunteer Application and Disqualification criteria)
Child Abuse/Molestation Protection Program-Administrators (short form)
Child Abuse/Molestation Awareness Training
Child Abuse/ Molestation Handout for Parents
Types of Criminal Background Checks
Does Your Criminal Background Check Vendor Measure Up?
Criminal Background Check Vendors
NAYS Bullying Prevention Training Video – Free


Concussion Resources

Concussion Awareness Risk Management Program (short form)
Football/Cheer Concussion Awareness Risk Management Program (short form)
State Law Summary
Interactive State Law Map
CDC Heads up Online Training Course
CDC Concussion Injury Prevention and Control Video
CDC Parent Athlete Concussion Fact Sheet
NAYS Concussion Training Video – Free

Teams & Leagues
7 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Sports Insurance
Horror Stories About What Can Go Wrong
Sports Organization Insurance Coverage Checklist
Recreation Department Insurance Checklist
Risk Management Awareness Training for Sports Organizations
Risk Management Program for Sports Organizations
Sample Waiver Form
Are Waivers Worth the Paper They are Written On
Coverage Needs For “Semi Pro” Football

Tournament/Event Hosting

Supercharge Liability Protection with Contractual Transfer 101

Football Helmet Fitting Guide
Fitting Instructions And Helmet Care
How To Fit Football Shoulder Pads
Shoulder Pad Sizing  Rawlings
Football Shoulder Pad Sizing  Sports Authority
Should Weight Limits Be Required in Youth Tackle Football
Liquor Liability For Sportsplexes
General Liability Concerns for Sportplexes
How to Implement A Risk Management Program
How to Implement an Abuse/Molestation Risk Management Program
Sports Risk Management Awareness Training For Administrators and Staff
Abuse/Molestation Awareness Training for Administrators and Staff
2013 AYF Leadership Conference Risk Management
2014 AYF Leadership Conference Risk Management
Sports Organization Risk Management Plans – Documents
Sample Basic Plan
Sample Broader Plan
Abuse/Molestation Plan
Sample AYF / AYC Advanced Plan