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Simple Risk Management for Sports Organizations

Appoint Risk Management Officer (RMO) to Set Up and Manage Plan

  • Selection and Duties of Sports Risk Management Officer (Coming Soon)
  • How to Implement a Risk Management Program (for administrators only) (includes video)
  • How to Create An Effective Risk Management Program Without Increasing Liability

Choose High Quality Insurance

  • 7 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Sports Insurance
  • Horror Stories About What Can Go Wrong
  • Sports Organization Insurance Coverage Checklist
  • Recreation Department Insurance Checklist
  • General Liability Concerns for Sportplexes
  • Liquor Liability For Sports Organizations
  • “Semi Pro” Adult Tackle Football Coverage Needs

Contractual Transfer of Risk to Other Parties

  • Are Waivers Worth the Paper They are Written On
  • Electronic Signatures of Waiver/Release Forms
  • Sample Waiver/Release Form – Minor
  • Sample Waiver/Release Form – Adult
  • Emergency Information/Medical Consent Form
  • Image Release Form
  • Before You Sign the Facility Lease Agreement
  • Collecting Certificates of Insurance from Vendors
  • When Hosting Tournaments Transfer Risk to Visiting Teams

Avoid or Mitigate High Risk Activities That Are Not Essential to Your Mission

  • Swimming Outings
  • High Risk Fundraising Activities/Devices (Coming Soon)
  • Serving of Alcoholic Beverages

Child Abuse: Sex/Physical/Emotional/Bullying/Hazing/Harassment

  • Safe Sport Act Applies to Most Amateur Sports Organizations
  • Types of Criminal Background Checks
  • Does Your Criminal Background Check Vendor Measure Up?
  • Criminal Background Check Vendors
  • Volunteer Application (Word Doc)
  • Sadler Safe Sport Child Abuse and Other Misconduct Risk Management Plan
  • Sadler Short Form Child Abuse Risk Management Plan
  • Abuse Awareness Training for Minors (Ages 4-12)
  • Abuse Awareness Training for Minors (Ages 13-17)
  • NAYS Bullying Prevention Training
  • Abuse/Molestation Awareness Training (for administrators and staff)

Brain Injury/Concussion

  • Interactive Concussion State Law Map
  • Concussion Awareness Risk Management Plan
  • Concussion Awareness Risk Management Plan (Football)
  • CDC Online Training Course
  • NAYS Concussion Training Video
  • CDC Parent/Athlete Concussion Fact Sheet
  • SC Independent School Assn (SCISA) Concussion Policy
  • Seahawks Football Tackling Resources

Other Serious Risks

  • Sports Anti-Violence Risk Management
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Lightning Safety and 30/30 Rule
  • Bleacher Risk Management
  • 12- and 15- Passenger Vans
  • Managing the Charter Bus Risk
  • Heat Illness: Avoidance and Prevention
  • Guide to Preventing Heat Stroke Death in Youth Tackle Football
  • Parade Float Risk Management
  • Swimming Outings

Most Common Risks

  • Improper Supervision and Instruction
  • Facility and Equipment Problems (coming soon)
  • Improper Sport Injury Care
  • Food Handling Checklist for Sports Concession Stands

Document Retention in Event of Litigation

  • How to Easily Organize Sports Risk Management Docs in Cloud

Written Risk Management Plan Templates Pulls Together Above

  • Basic Risk Management Awareness Plan (Word Doc)
  • Broader Risk Management Awareness Plan for Local Sports Organizations
  • Sample AYF/AYC Risk Management Awareness Plan (Football/Cheer)
  • Sadler Safe Sport Child Abuse and Other Misconduct Risk Management Plan
  • Concussion Awareness Risk Management Plan
  • Concussion Awareness Risk Management Plan (Football)
  • Sports Risk Management Awareness Training (for administrators and staff) (includes video)