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Protect Your National Organization and Members against Catastrophic Lawsuits with the Most Cost-effective Insurance and Risk Management Solutions!

4 Major Liability and Insurance Concerns

Whenever we talk to state/regional/national sports and recreation organizations about their insurance and risk management programs, most have the following major concerns:

  1. Embarrassment of a High-dollar Lawsuit but Not Having the Proper Insurance Coverage.
    No director or officer wants to be remembered like the captain who sank the Titanic. We’ve witnessed numerous little known icebergs over the past 25 years that could have been prevented by a vigilant insurance agent.
  2. Being Personally Wiped Out in a Lawsuit. When there is a lawsuit, lawyers often go after the individual officers and directors in addition to the sports organization. Are you 100% sure that if your sports organization is sued, that your home, retirement, savings account, or your children’s education funds won’t be on the chopping block?
  3. Wanting to Prove Your Value to Your Members by Offering an Outstanding Insurance Plan.
    Simply put, you want the best possible coverage for the lowest possible cost.
  4. Offsetting Association Expenses.
    Your organization can earn an administrative or marketing fee (if allowed by state law) by performing certain non-insurance services related to your endorsed insurance plan.

What You Need To Know Before You Solicit Quotes For Your Insurance Program

5 Step Insurance Process For Sports And Recreation Organizations – You will need an insurance agent with qualifications and experience in the sports niche to walk you through this process. You need more than just a salesman.

The Problem With The Traditional Insurance Bidding Process – Read this before you select more than one insurance agent for a sports insurance quote.

How To Choose A Sports Insurance Agent / Broker – See the qualifications you should look for when selecting the one insurance agent to market your account.

How To Know If You Are Paying A Fair Sports Insurance Premium – You don’t necessarily need to market your account to find out if you are paying a fair price for your insurance. Learn the simple metrics that underwriters use to determine if your rates are adequate.


Has Your Insurance Agent Provided These Services?

Have you ever had a meeting with your insurance agent that went like this?

  • Your agent discussed the 8 different insurance policies that all national sports and recreation organizations must have to protect the organization and the personal assets of the directors and officers.
  • Your agent explained that 78% of all uncovered claims result from little known coverage loopholes that can best be detected by using a customized checklist.  All of your policies under this checklist were scrutinized and the different types of properly losses and lawsuits that are not covered under you insurance program were disclosed to you.
  • For each of these coverage loopholes that could have a catastrophic impact on your organization’s or your personal finances, you were offered a quote to add these additional coverages, if insurance was available at all, or offered non-insurance solutions.  Based on this information, you were able to make the decisions that were in the best interest of your organization.
  • The agent read all of your important contracts with a critical eye, including lease agreements with landlords and facility owners, tournament host agreements, membership agreements, approved supplier agreements, bylaws, articles of incorporation, rulebooks, safety programs, etc.  He or she pointed out all provisions that exceeded you insurance coverages and where you have unfairly assumed the liability of another party through an indemnification agreement.  He or she suggested how to reword certain provisions to pass the risk of loss to a third party whenever feasible and offered to negotiate this on your behalf.
  • The agent revealed troublesome provisions that have resulted in unnecessary problems or lawsuits for his or her other sports organization clients.  He or she even recommended a new paragraph that could be added to your rules or policies and procedures manual that could instantly result in your being dropped from many lawsuits.
  • Your agent reviewed how your members could access a team of nationally recognized and respected sports risk management specialists who could offer free advice on issues ranging from ADA compliance for handicapped participants to sexual abuse/molestation.
  • Your agent discussed offering customized risk management programs for your members to help prevent injuries and to minimize lawsuit risks and how a written risk management program “thickens” your shield and shows a judge and jury how much you care.
  • Your injury reporting procedures were reviewed and the agent explained how most claims administrators don’t collect the proper data on the Accident claim form about an injury to provide you with meaningful information on how they can be prevented.  He or she set up and designed a proper injury survey and agreed to track the results on your behalf.
  • If your sports organization has youth members, your agent offered to customize and implement a simple Sexual Abuse/Molestation protection program that includes all of the necessary forms.  He or she explained how such a program shows a judge and jury how much you care and “thickens” your shield.
  • Your agent offered to create a special website that explains all of your basic coverages, optional coverages, frequently asked questions, and customer service options such as requesting a claim form or adding an “Additional Insured” and which contains an online application if your program is optional participation.  Furthermore, as a matter of convenience, he or she explained how payments can be made with an Internet or faxed check.

If you have not had this type of meeting with your agent, perhaps it’s time to contact John Sadler at Sadler & Company.

Some of Our Current Clients

  • American Youth Football
  • Big Shots Basketball
  • Dixie Youth Baseball
  • Dixie Boys/Majors
  • Dixie Softball
  • Dizzy Dean Baseball
  • National Field Archery Association
  • National Alliance for Youth Sports
  • National Youth Sports Coaches Association
  • Upward Sports
  • Men’s Senior Baseball League
  • National Junior Basketball League
  • United States Youth Cricket
  • USA Canoe/Kayak
  • SC High School League
  • SC Independent Schools Association
  • American Canoe Association
  • Louisiana Youth Soccer Association
  • Sportsplex Operators and Developers Association

We Have Never Been Fired by a Major Client in Over 35 Years!

“We could not pass on the opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude to you and your company. The knowledge, support and honesty that we have enjoyed while working with you has been a genuine pleasure. Over the years, you have saved us significant funds that were able to be used to advance our organizational mission. The advice you have offered has been invaluable, no-nonsense, straightforward and on-target, making sure that we have what we need at the best possible price. Your interest in telling us what we need to hear, even if it might cost you a contract, is so rare in your industry that Sadler and Company stands out as a real friend to non-profit associations. You work so hard for your clients’ interests that there is no question your company will continue to be a driving force and key player in the sports insurance industry. We are very proud of our relationship and look forward to years of growing together.” – D. Michael Pfahl, President, DMP Consulting, Inc.

“Dixie Softball has had two major claims made against it… without the guidance of Sadler & Company both cases would have spelled the end of DSI as a non-profit softball program for girls ages 5 to 18.” – Obie Evans, Dixie Softball, Inc.

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 Technology Services

Sadler & Company is the industry leader in developing online insurance quotes and certificate issuance engines that allow members of sports organizations to receive instant service.

For example, our sports team/league clients can visit our customized website, get a quote/proposal in seconds, apply for coverage and pay with a credit card or check, and instantly receive proof-of-coverage documents within minutes.

Our websites can be customized to handle your team/league registration process concurrent with the insurance enrollment.

In a recent survey, members of a sports organization cited ease of doing business and speed of service as equally important as receiving competitive prices and broad coverages.

Call Sadler & Company at 800-622-7370 to request a “test drive” tour of existing sports programs that are taking advantage of this technology and loving it!

Carriers Represented

General Liability And Excess Liability Accident
K & K Insurance Group (Nationwide, National Casualty and Scottsdale) Francis L. Dean
American Specialty K & K (Nationwide, The Hartford)
Francis L. Dean Chubb (ACE)
Bollinger (Markel)
Philadelphia Insurance Companies
Directors & Officers Liability Property, Business, Auto, Workers’ Compensation
Philadelphia Insurance Companies The Hartford
Chubb AIG
AIG Travelers
Zurich Zurich

Sadler & Company is a single source broker that can represent virtually every MGA or insurance carrier on your behalf that specializes in the sports and recreation niches.

Furthermore, these MGAs and insurance carriers are familiar with Sadler & Company and work hard on your behalf to provide you with the best combination of broad coverages and competitive prices.

Sadler Provides the following exclusive audits that help to guarantee that you are receiving the best protection for the lowest possible cost: 

  1. Audit of insurance policies to uncover little-known exclusions and pitfalls that are commonly found in many sports and recreation insurance policies.
  2. Audit of 31 different types of contracts and content entered into or used by most sports and recreation organizations. This audit protects you against not complying with insurance requirements of others and unknowingly accepting risk of loss when such risk should be transferred to the other party to the contract.
  3. Actuarial audit of your premiums to make sure that the rates are set at a level where the carrier is not gouging you or your members. Our sophisticated software models allow us to assess the correct pricing where you enjoy the absolute lowest cost while the insurance carriers are able to earn a small but reasonable profit.

Call John Sadler at (800) 622-7370 to request an appointment to learn how Sadler & Company will outthink and outwork the competition in providing you with peace of mind that you have obtained the best protection plan (both insurance and non-insurance) at the lowest possible cost delivered with astonishing attention to detail and flexibility.