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Selling Sports & Recreation Insurance in Your Community is Easy and Profitable with Our INSTANT Online Quotes and Issuance of Proof of Coverage Documents!

No More Hassles Filling Out a Long Application Just to Get a Quote and Waiting Weeks to Get Your Proof of Coverage Documents

Commissionable Programs

In order to receive commissions, a Broker Application must be submitted and an updated E&O Dec page submitted annually..  Commissions are based on the program and coverages chosen.

Types of policies offered may include Accident (Medical Expense,) General Liability, Abuse & Molestation, Directors & Officer, Crime, Equipment (Inland Marine,) Building Contents & Property. (Policies offered are based on the program chosen.)

Sports (Instant Online Quote & Purchase)

Special Events (Instant Online Quote & Purchase)


Sports & Rec Facilities/Schools (May Be Subject to Review)

Sports & Rec Facilities/Schools (Quote in 3-5 business days) 


“In the 36 years I have been in the insurance business, this is the most fun I have ever had in writing insurance.  The ease, quickness, and ability to provide clients immediate policy information and certificates was exceptional.  I was able to wrap up everything in 30 minutes. I have spent hours, on this account in past years, submitting forms, providing additional information time and again, and then waiting for weeks for a reply.”  Michael Well, Portland, Oregon


Non-Commissionable Programs

Sadler Sports & Recreation offers many more Best in Industry Sports & Recreation Insurance Programs, Visit Our Homepage for pre-published rates and simple applications.

  • Agents & Brokers may add a fee where permissible under state insurance regulations.
  • Most of these policies are under $1,000 in premium.  Often Agents & Brokers write these accounts as a favor to an existing VIP or Center of Influence Client and just want to quickly finalize the transaction with minimal hassle & administrative expense.

Risk Management

Complete the form below to get the following FREE Risk Management reports:

  • Sample Waiver Form
  • Are Waivers Worth the Paper They Are Printed On
  • Letter Describing Coverage Needs for “Semi-Pro” Football
  • Before You Sign the Facility Release Agreement
  • Collect Certificates of Insurance From Vendors
  • Heat Illness Prevention
  • Lightning Safety


Sadler Sports Insurance Risk Management Content

Access our industry leading risk management programs, videos, forms and articles.

What our Agents Have to Say

I used to have to send via mail and worry about coverage being bound! I love the online process!

Rose Slake-Schenectady Insuring Agency

Always user friendly, competitive rates and ease of doing business.  Is there an A+? Site very user friendly!

Sharon Koba, Ryan-St.Marie Ins. Agency

Sadler's representative was the greatest! Professional, courteous, friendly and kind. If only all of our agency/carrier contacts were as well, life at the insurance agency would be a breeze!

William Shuler, Henry O. Baker Insurance

John M. Sadler

John M. Sadler, JD, CIC

    • Sports & Recreation Insurance Specialist with 26 Years of Experience
    • Risk Manager
    • Attorney (Graduated 1986 from Univ. of S.C. School of Law)
    • Nationally Recognized Speaker and Author

A word from our president…

We have searched the entire insurance marketplace to find and in many cases customize these best in industry insurance programs.

It is my passion to protect sports and recreation organizations and their directors, officers, employees, and volunteers against losing everything in a lawsuit.

Our business model allows us to provide the broadest insurance protection at the lowest possible cost delivered with astonishing speed and convenience.

We also provide simple to implement risk management and safety programs to even the smallest organizations.

Please click on the appropriate program above to get more information.

John M. Sadler