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Lawn bowling vs. bocce ball

Though they have many similarities, bocce ball and lawn bowling differ in several key ways. The first is the type of ball used for each sport. A bocce ball is perfectly rounded. A lawn bowling ball is a little bit different. The weight of the ball is offset to one side,lawn bowling insurance giving it an elliptical shape. This oblong shape makes it ideal for curving. Additionally, the throwing motion for bocce ball is usually more of a toss. In Lawn Bowling, the ball is always rolled, just like in normal bowling.

Another major difference between the two is the court surface. The design of the lawn bowling ball limits the types of gameplay surfaces available for the sport. Lawn bowling is almost always played on fine, thin grass. Bocce, on the other hand, is more flexible. Grass is an option, but packed dirt and sand are more popular. Each ball alters the way the game plays and calls for different skills and strategies.

Whether you’re playing lawn bowling or bocce ball, risks will be present. The nature of sports is competitive fun and excitement. Along with that, however, comes the inevitable probability of injuries. Bocce ball and lawn bowling organizations and coaches need to learn how to properly manage risk to reduce liability. Having the correct procedures in place will not only help reduce the chances of potential legal litigation, but it can also help patrons to feel more comfortable participating.

Properly managing bocce ball or lawn bowling risks

Injuries sustained while playing bocce ball or lawn bowling are rare, but they do exist. As with any Bocce Ball insurancesport, slips & falls can occur at any time. However, occasionally players suffer game-related injuries, such as damage to the rotator cuff and shoulder tendons.

The most common injury during a game of bocce ball occurs after a player throws his ball and goes to measure it. If another player throws their ball while the first player is still measuring, the ball can hit the first player and cause injury. In fact, a 12-year-old boy underwent brain surgery in 2006 due to this exact type of injury.

Like bocce ball, a common injury during a game of lawn bowling occurs when a player accidentally steps in the path of an oncoming bowl. According to Sports Medicine Australia, typical injuries include strains, sprains, and sometimes, fractures. SMA stresses practicing good technique and form. Other typical injuries result simply from overexertion and repetition of bad technique while bowling.

Negligence, supervision, and training can all be called into question when injuries occur, and a coach, facility owner, or league owner can be sued for financial expenses related to the medical treatment as a result of the injuries. Because of this, we highly recommend having bocce ball insurance or lawn bowling insurance.

Why choose Sadler Sports

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