American Football Association Insurance

General Liability program designed exclusively for outdoor amateur adult tackle football teams/leagues.

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This General Liability program is designed exclusively for amateur adult tackle football teams and leagues that play outdoors. Coverage and rates are available January 1, 2020 until January 1, 2021. All coverages will expire one year from the effective date.

NOTE: Professional teams & leagues and/or arena or indoor type football teams and leagues are not eligible to participate in this insurance program.

General Liability:

$5,000,000 General Liability Limit  $402.00 per team.

The team or league must be a member of the American Football Association in order to be eligible for this program. Semi-pro (adult amateur) football teams and leagues wishing to join the AFA National Association for the 2019 season may contact the AFA national office at (877) 624-4485 toll free or via email at The annual membership fee for teams wanting to join the AFA is $125 per team. Team membership applications can be downloaded from the AFA’s website at

Optional Coverages:

  • Accident Insurance  Pays covered expenses, as a result of injury incurred while participating in Adult Tackle Football. Covers expenses such as hospital or surgical care, medical treatment, x-rays and lab exams, nursing care provided by a licensed nurse, prescription drugs, license home health care. (see brochure for details –Other than NY or NY OnlyWhat members of your group are covered?  You are required to pay premium for 100% of the players.  For no additional cost, the following group members are covered automatically: managers, coaches, cheerleaders, officers, official volunteers designated by officers.   If an entire league of teams is insured under one policy, the following individuals are also covered: umpires or referees, official scorers and timers, player agents and safety officers.
    NOTE:  The application states semi-pro teams are not eligible for this coverage. However, for this insurance application, AFA member teams are not considered “semi-pro” if their players do not receive compensation or reimbursement.
  • $1,000,000 Directors & Officers Liability   $300 per governing board (non-profit organizations only)
  • $2,000,000 Directors & Officers Liability   $450 per governing board (non-profit organizations only)
  • $25,000 Crime   $200 per board (non-profit organizations only)
  • Equipment   $2.00 per $100 of insured value(Subject to $200 minimum premium)

Risk Management

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  • Sample Waiver Form
  • Are Waivers Worth the Paper They Are Printed On
  • Letter Describing Coverage Needs for “Semi-Pro” Football
  • Before You Sign the Facility Release Agreement
  • Collect Certificates of Insurance From Vendors
  • Heat Illness Prevention
  • Lightning Safety
  • Bleacher Risk Management for Facility Owners and Operators