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Protect your Frisbee Golf team, league, camp, or tournament with General Liability, Accident, Directors & Officers, Crime and Equipment insurance.


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Comprehensive Frisbee Golf Insurance for Youth and Adult Leagues includes General Liability, Accident, Directors and Officers Liability, Crime and Equipment.
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Frisbee or disc golf is a sport that is growing in popularity. Disc golf is played by peopleFrisbee golf of all ages and is much like traditional golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, players throw a disc or Frisbee*. Because disc golf is so easy to learn, players can simply match their pace to their capabilities. Most participants don’t consider the significant risks of injury in the game, however, or the need for Frisbee golf insurance.

Many city parks have golf courses already set up that are usually open for public use. Disc golfers without access to a permanent disc golf facility can easily design their own courses in local parks and green spaces. Basic rules and strategies of the game can be found on the Disc Golf Association website.  However, the most important safety rules of disc golf are:

  1. Never throw the disc when park users or other players are within range.
  2. Park users always have the right of way.

The most common injuries for participants in Frisbee golf are those related to the shoulders. The injury types could include rotator cuff injuries from throwing the Frisbee, improper techniques, or even severe stress on the shoulder from carrying the backpack that contains the Frisbees and equipment. Elbow, lower back and knee injuries are also fairly common.Frisbee Golf

Injuries can also occur if someone throws a Frisbee that hits someone else on the course. Although it is rare, there are incidents of a thrown disc causing head trauma, especially if a child is struck. Injuries can also occur when the player falls to the ground or against a tree after releasing the Frisbee.

The course itself can also be a source of injury risk. Courses can include both open and wooded areas. It’s important to avoid tripping and falling on obstacles, such as roots, sprinklers, and rocks or in holes or ravines. Thrown discs can also cause damage to windows, vehicles and other property.

Frisbee golf insurance including Accident and General Liability is a policy that accounts for all of the various incidents that could happen, and protects the parties involved from financial liability. Call one of our insurance experts today at 800- 622-7370 .

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