Intramural & Club Sports Insurance For College & University Programs

Intramural and club sports can get high-limits, broad coverages, and savings from customized insurance plans from Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance.

General Liability Insurance

  • High-limits from $1M to $6M
  • Affordable rates
  • Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability
  • Sex Abuse and Molestation

Accident Insurance

  • Reimburse medical bills
  • Limits up to $100k
  • Deductible options



Why do you need intramural and club sports insurance?

It is essential to have an intramural and club sports insurance policy activated as it can protect your college or university against expensive injuries and lawsuits. As intramural sports can involve all types of sports, it’s hard to pin down precisely every activity’s risk factors. However, no matter the sport, risks will be involved that could cause potential harm.

If your organization has an intramural and club sports-related accident, the repercussions could cause financial strain. Even though you may try to create a safe environment for the participants, you can never eliminate the risks. So, it would be best to implement a comprehensive intramural and club sports insurance policy that is customizable to your needs.


What does intramural and club sports insurance cover?

Intramural Club Sports Insurance

You will need intramural and club sports insurance as part of a robust risk management strategy. This insurance is necessary to cover your risk of player injury, lawsuits, and to protect your facility owners.

Holding insurance could cover the costs associated with an accident at your organization. This coverage is vital because these costs could get expensive depending on the accident’s severity. In addition, your organization could be found liable and then face astronomical expenses from an injury claim.

All insurance policies and providers are different. However, when using Sadler Insurance, you can customize your package to cover what is necessary for your organization. This way, you can get comprehensive coverage tailored precisely to your needs.

When crafting your intramural and club sports insurance policy, we recommend a solid General Liability and Accident Insurance policy.


Adding a robust General Liability policy to your risk mitigation strategy could help protect you against:

  • Financial loss from costs associated with a lawsuit, including settlement costs, adverse jury verdicts, and legal fees
  • The financial obligation for payment of medical expenses
  • Compensatory damages for pain and suffering

In addition, adding an Accident Insurance policy to your intramural insurance package can help:

  • Provide extra coverage for accident costs on top of the General Liability coverage
  • Provide peace of mind that you do not have to pay out-of-pocket for medical bills


Are intramural and club sports high-risk?

American Football played by young men on intramural or club team

Intramural and club sports are multi-sport organizations, and there are multiple risks involved depending on which sport the athletes are participating in. Many sports are of a high-risk nature, including soccer, tackle football, and rugby.

There’s no doubt that injuries could happen with running, sprinting, coming in contact with other players, and playing with equipment.

The most common injuries in all sports are sprains, muscle strains, bone or growth plate injuries, and heat-related illnesses. These risks are very concerning to the players and your organization. Therefore, you need a solid risk management strategy that includes insurance to cover sports-related injuries and accidents. However, less frequent but more severe injuries can include compound fractures, ACL tears, and concussions.


Ways to prevent injuries and mitigate risk in intramural and club sports

There is no way to prevent all sports-related injuries from happening. However, for a successful program, it would be best to do your due diligence and use risk management strategies to lower the risk exposure. If you do not try to make the safest playing environment possible, you could be liable for negligence. The following are some risk management tactics your organization can implement when hosting intramural and club sports:

  • Have an athletic trainer available for all practices and competitions
  • Check the equipment is in good condition and of high quality before participants play
  • Ensure that the playing grounds/field is clear from unknown obstacles
  • Provide time and instructions for athletes to warm up before playing to avoid strains
  • Have the players sign a liability waiver to make them aware of the risks and to transfer your financial responsibility
  • Follow the 30/30 Lightning Safety Rule
  • Avoid Heat Illness claims


What are intramural and club sports?

Intramural sports and club sports are common at colleges and universities. The sports played in intramural and club sports can be of any kind, including volleyball, basketball, ice hockey, dance, martial arts, outdoor activities, fitness, etc. In addition, there can be regular-season games, tournaments, and team events that athletes participate in.


What are the benefits of intramural and club sports?

Intramurals & Club Sports Insurance for Colleges and Universities

Intramural and club sports can be highly beneficial to an athlete’s health and an overall rewarding experience. But, for the most part, athletes join intramural sports programs for recreational fun and to play a sport they love!

So, depending on the sport being played, various benefits can come about. However, whatever exercise, if the athlete is active and there is heart-pumping activity, there will be an increase in cardiovascular health and body strength.


The following are the specific benefits an intramural and club sports participant will experience:

  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Improves your sleep
  • Supports your mental health
  • Regulates your blood sugar
  • Contributes to a healthy weight
  • Gives your brain a boost

Besides physical health, there is a social benefit to participating in intramural and club sports. As it is a recreational sport, it is a relaxed environment, so there are good chances to meet new people and spend time with friends.


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