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Badminton Insurance for Youth and Adult Teams and Leagues, including Accident, General Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Crime & Equipment.
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Badminton Risk Management

Modern badminton was first played by British military officers stationed in India in the mid-1800s. It remains a popular sport today played indoors and out by people of all ages.

Badminton injuries often occur when players are not properly warmed up or they use incorrect techniques. Running, jumping and forceful swingibadminton insuranceng motions are all part of badminton play, which puts participants at some level of risk. Badminton teams, leagues and coaches are encouraged to purchase Badminton insurance to protect the athletes, coaches and organization from injury claims.

Badminton is not a contact sport and therefore has a fairly low level of risk for injuries. However, it’s not uncommon for players to experience some of the following common badminton injuries.

Ankle sprains are usually the result of a player accidentally stepping on another’s foot. Players should not return to play until the ankle is free from swelling and pain.

Meniscus tears are usually caused by sudden twisting motions of the knee. If you suspect a meniscus injury, please see your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Tennis Elbow is a chronic overuse injury that can be caused by repetitive backhand swings, racquets strung too tightly, or change of grip size. Adequate rest is the best cure.

Shoulder Injuries are fairly common in badminton because it involves a lot of overhead shots.

Jumper’s knee and Achilles tendon injuries are also overuse injuries usually caused by repetitive jumping and pushing off the hard floor in poor footwear.

Scrapes, bruises and blisters are common among badminton players, usually caused by falling on the hard floor, and inadequate protection from friction for hands and feet.

Wearing footwear that provides good support and adequate shock absorption can help prevent ankle and knee injuries. Gloves help to prevent hand blisters. Players may wear goggles to prevent eye injuries.

Consider the following hypothetical situation that demonstrates the importance of carrying a badminton insurance policy:

A player slips and falls during a badminton match and the fall results in a knee injury. The player is rushed to seek medical care and requires surgery and expensive rehab. The player does not have existing family health insurance and the medical bills mount. With the hospitals and doctors starting to send notices of unpaid bills, the injured players seeks the advice of an attorney who sues the badminton club for negligence to recoup the cost of the medical bills and more. All of this could have been prevented with badminton insurance including Accident and General Liability.

Common slips and falls that cause participant or spectator injuries are one of the most common reasons for lawsuits. Quite often the lawsuit can arise well after an accident like the one described above. The potential costs of defending an incident can be much more than the cost a badminton insurance policy.

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