Dizzy Dean Baseball

Dizzy Dean Baseball endorsed sports insurance program for Accident, General Liability, Directors & Officer Liability, Crime and Equipment.

Quick Education

Accident and General Liability Rates

$50,000 Accident Medical Expense / $2,000,000 General Liability

Sport Age Charge per Team
Baseball 12 & under $76.80
Baseball 13 – 14 $98.30
Baseball 15 – 16 $117.60
Baseball 17 – 19 $117.60
Softball 12 & under $75.70
Softball 13 – 14 $81.65
Softball 15 – 16 $117.60
Softball 17 – 19 $123.55

Rates available from 2-1-2024 to 1-31-2025.

Sex Abuse & Molestation Requirement:Coverage for Sex Abuse & Molestation will not apply unless the insured team or league implements the following requirements: 1.) Has a system in place to perform criminal background checks on all managers, coaches and other authorized adult participants in the league who have repetitive access to and close contact with minor athletes 2.) Has written procedures that include sexual abuse and molestation prevention 3.) Has written procedures that include a response plan for allegations of sexual abuse or molestation including a requirement that law enforcement be contacted.

No commissions are payable to insurance agents.

Note: if you are not a member of Dizzy Dean, go to our home page to view our other special insurance programs.

Directors & Officers Liability/Crime/Equipment

  • $1,000,000 Directors & Officers Liability $377 per governing board
  • $2,000,000 Directors & Officers Liability $497 per governing board
  • Equipment/Crime (subject to a minimum premium of $300)
    • Crime: $25,000 limit and a $500 deductible.
    • Equipment: Limit is based on the Replacement Cost Value of 100% of Organization Owned Equipment with a $500 deductible.

**Please Note: For those who have purchased stand-alone crime in the past, as of 3/1/2024, it is no longer offered as a separate policy. As a result, you will need to report at least $1000 worth of unscheduled miscellaneous equipment whether you want equipment coverage or not to meet the minimum policy requirements. A $300 minimum premium applies for the combined Crime/Equipment policy.  If you have over $1000 worth of equipment and contents, please increase your numbers accordingly. The rate for this is $.0153 (except in HI & NY) multiplied by the Total Replacement Value.

Click here for a detailed coverage description for all of the above policies

John Sadler Explains the Dizzy Insurance Program

Download- Right click “Download” link and click “save as” to download your system.

Note: Since the publication of this video, there have been some limit changes on the General Liability policy and new risk management section has been added for COVID. 

Dizzy Dean Simplified Risk Management Process

Appoint Risk Management Officer (RMO) To Set Up And Manage Plan

  • Selection and Duties Of Sports Risk Management Officer (RMO) (coming soon)

Choose High Quality Insurance Through Endorsed Dizzy Dean / Sadler Insurance Plan

  • Review Quick Education section of this web page (see above)
  • Purchase Accident and General Liability on all teams prior to regular season
  • Purchase Directors & Officers Liability / Crime / Equipment policies

Contractual Transfer Of Risk To Other Parties

Avoid Or Mitigate High Risk Activities That Are Not Essential To Your Mission

Address Child Abuse: Sex/Physical/Emotional/Bullying/Hazing/Harassment

Address Brain Injury / Concussion

Coronavirus / COVID-19

Other Serious Risks

Most Common Risks

Document Retention in Event of Litigation

Written Risk Management Plan Templates Pull Together Above