State/Regional/National Sports & Recreation Associations Including Governing and Sanctioning Bodies – Testimonials

“The National Alliance for Youth Sports has counted on Sadler & Company for over 20 years to provide exceptional service and products in the ever changing youth sports market. For a long time they have recognized that volunteer coach training is an integral part of a safe youth sports experience by providing discounts to leagues who take the steps to train their volunteer coaches. Our entire staff knows that we can count on Sadler & Company for all of our diverse insurance needs.”  John Engh,  National Alliance for Youth Sports,

“Dixie Boys Baseball appreciates the excellent service that we receive from Sadler and Company. It is a real pleasure to do business with you and your dedicated staff. As our endorsed provider, Sadler and Company provides our Dixie Boys organization with up to the minute  information related to: insurance, risk management, injury surveillance, and other pertinent data. It is a real advantage to have a single source for the coverage that Dixie Boys Baseball and our franchised leagues desire. Favorable feedback is received from our Dixie officials and our leagues. We have enjoyed a long standing relationship with Sadler and Company due to prompt service, competitive market prices, and mutual support.”  Sandy Jones, President, Dixie Boys, Inc.

“Dear John:

Sadler & Company has provided our program with accident and liability insurance for our leagues as well as a comprehensive insurance program for our organization since 1955.  We want to thank you for the many years of outstanding service you have provided to Dixie Youth Baseball Inc.

We have been particularly impressed by your prompt service and the fair payment of accident claims submitted by our leagues.  We have had very few complaints in these areas and it has kept our involvement in claims issues to a minimum.

You have developed an outstanding insurance program for our leagues at competitive prices.  We are very appreciative of your advice on risk management and safety which has help guide us in implementing policies and rules consistent with protecting Dixie Youth Baseball and its participants..

Not many organizations have business relationships which have lasted over 60 years.  Sadler & Company has always had Dixie Youth Baseball’s best interests mind in all of our dealings.  Dixie Youth and Sadler are an great team and on a personal basis we consider you a partner in our Baseball program.” Kent Bruxvoort, President / Wes Skelton, Commissioner, Dixie Youth Baseball, Inc.