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Comments about Hawks Tackling

“It’s a great thing for our game to have had the coach of the Super Bowl champs teaching tackling techniques that protect the head and make it available to everyone.”   —  Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

“We just thought it would be worth sharing, and really hoping that it works its way through high school and youth football to teach kids at an early age how to tackle and how to take care of themselves and play this game really fast and hard in absolutely the safest way possible.” —  Pete Carroll, Head Coach, Seattle Seahawks


The first video on Seahawks tackling. Head coach Pete Carroll explains the Seahawks system of tackling led by defensive passing game coordinator, Rocky Seto. The rugby-inspired method emphasizes shoulder leverage tackling that takes the head out of tackle. When employed in pro and college leagues, it can make tackling safer on any level and enables drilling without pads or helmets.

Updated edition of the 2014 video with new points of emphasis.

5-set of videos breaks down the Seahawks tackling method. The techniques and drills are stripped out of the longer videos and reorganized into shorter videos resulting in a perfect training aid for coaches. The videos include: Hawk Tackling Introduction, Teaching Hawk Tackles, The Strike Zone, Teaching Profile Tackles, and Teaching Compression Tackles.


American Youth Football Hawks Test

American Youth Football has developed a test for its members. Coaches can take the test as evidence that they watched the video and can correctly answer questions from the course materials. A certificate evidencing completion can be printed.


Explains inadequacies of Heads Up Football technique and reasons for Hawks endorsement by John Madden.

Coach Keith Grabowski, offensive coordinator for the Baldwin Wallace University football team, discusses the Seahawk tackling method and it’s importance in youth football.