How to Implement a Risk Management Program

For administrators only. Running time: 28 minutes

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The Need for a Simplified, Volunteer-friendly Risk Management Program
Sadler Provides Free Sample Programs for Your Adoption
What Type of Program is Best for You? (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)
Risk Management Programs: A Double-edged Sword
Elements of a Basic Sports Risk Management Program
  • Risk Management Officer
  • Adequate Insurance
  • Contractual Transfer of Liability
    • participant registration forms
    • lease of facility agreements
    • inviting outside teams or hosting tournaments
    • service providers
  • Abuse/Molestation
  • Avoid or Mitigate High Risk Activities
  • Mandatory Staff Meeting to Review Risk Management Policies
Elements of an Intermediate Sports Risk Management Program
  • Includes All Elements of Basic Program Plus
  • Awareness Training for Administrators and Staff on:
    • facilities problems
    • equipment problems
    • proper supervision
    • proper instruction
    • sports injury care
    • auto safety
    • abuse/molestation
Elements of an Advanced Risk Management Program
  • Includes All Elements of Intermediate Program Plus
  • Detailed checklists and requirements