Municipal Insurance Checklist Supplement

This Sports Insurance Supplemental Coverage Checklist is for when General Liability Coverage is provided through a Municipal Insurance Program

Over 50% Surveyed Have Dangerous Coverage Loopholes that Leave Sports Administrators and Volunteers Dangerously Exposed to Uncovered Lawsuits!

Submit this form to the city or county’s insurance agent or risk manager for completion only if they provide your General Liability insurance through a municipal controlled insurance program. Don’t use this form if your recreation department buys its General Liability coverage directly from an insurance agent. Instead, use the form entitled “Stop Before Buying Your Sports Insurance?”

  1. What is the “Each Occurrence” limit of Liability under the municipality’s General Liability Policy? $__________________
  2. Does the policy provide “Occurrence” or “Claims Made” coverage? ______________________
  3. Is the General Liability exposure

___ fully insured with no deductible

___ insured with a deductible of $___________________

___ self-insured with a retention of $_________________

If there is a deductible or retention above, would a covered individual named in the lawsuit (example: employee, volunteer, director, officer) be responsible for his/her own legal defense, settlement, or adverse jury verdict “out of pocket” to the extent of the deductible?

Please explain: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Does the municipality’s General Liability policy extend coverage to “volunteers” of the recreation department such as directors, officers, trustees, coaches, managers, umpires, concession workers, etc.?


  1. If separate leagues are using the recreation department’s facilities or fields, does the municipality’s General Liability policy extend coverage to such leagues and their respective directors, officers, employees, and volunteers?


  1. If coverage is extended under #4 and/or #5 above, is it limited to incidents that occur on the fields or facilities of the recreation department or does it extend to off premises activities such as:

____ Competition at fields or facilities of others (example: travel teams or tournaments)?

____ Non-sport team outings such as attendance at pro or college ball games, restaurant trips, swimming parties, backyard cookouts, etc.?

  1. If coverage is extended under #4 and/or #5 above, is coverage contingent upon such activities being “within the scope of the covered person’s official duties”?

__ Yes   ____ No

If “yes,” please provide examples of activities that would not be “within the scope of official duties” (example: team activities that are not authorized by the recreation department):


  1. Does the municipality’s General Liability policy contain exclusions for the following:
        • Athletic Participants (excludes coverage for lawsuits arising out of injuries to sports participants)   ___Covered     ___Not Covered
        • Punitive Damages    ___Covered    ___Not Covered
        • Contractual Liability Assumption (example: Facility Lease, Equipment Lease, Security Provider Agreements, etc.)  ___Covered  ___Not Covered
        • Child Abuse/Molestation  ___Covered  ___Not Covered
  2. Does the municipality carry a Directors & Officers Liability policy (or Errors & Omissions) that extends coverage to directors, officers, employees, and volunteers of the recreation department?   ___Yes   ___No
  1. Based on your answers to questions 1-9 above, do you believe that your General Liability policy adequately addresses the unique sports insurance coverage needs of the recreation department volunteers and the separate sports organizations, if any, including their respective directors, officers, employees, and volunteers?

a) Direct Volunteers of Recreation Department  ___Yes  ___ No

b) Sports Organizations Using Your Facilities (if any) and their directors, officers, employees, and volunteers ___Yes  ___No  ___Not Applicable

  1. If the answer to 10 a) or b) is “No,” what course of action do you recommend?

___ The insurance coverages for the recreation department should be purchased separately from a company that specializes in sports insurance and is able to address the coverage concerns.

___ The organizations and/or persons who are adversely impacted by coverage inadequacies should be warned in writing and given the opportunity to provide their own coverage.

____ Other:


This questionnaire was completed by:





City:______________________State:_______Zip Code:_________

Please complete, sign, date and return to Sports Administrator.