Promotions & Prize Indemnification Insurance

Prize Insurance and Promotion Insurance including Hole-in-One, Big Fish, Half Court Shot, Home Run Derby, and more.

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Promotions and Prize Indemnification Insurance allows for bigger and more exciting promotions on a risk-free basis resulting in enhanced name recognition, publicity, participation and sales!

Important: You must be a current client of Sadler Sports & Recreation Insurance to access this program.

Types of Promotions



Bunker Shot

Putting Contest

Chip into Trashcan

Long Drive

Basketball (Fan)

Half-court Shot

3-Point Shootout

Around the World

Football (Team/Player)

Kick, Punt, Return for TD

Performance Benchmarks Broken (e.g. TD Passes, interceptions, field goals)

Conditional Rebates


Exceed Weight

Lake Record

Mystery Weight

Catch Tagged Fish

Baseball (Fan)

Home Run

Long Toss

Pitching Challenge

Fly Ball Catch

Soccer (Team/Player)

Hit the Post

Goal Shootout


Buck Over Weight

Buck Over Country Record

Sporting Clay Challenge

Football (Fan)

Throw through Hole

Field Goal Kick

Pass, Punt, Kick

Soccer (Player/Team)

Score Time Prediction

Conditional Rebates

Professional Athlete Incentives

Bonuses paid if individual performance benchmarks exceeded

Baseball (Player/Team)

No Hitter

Triple Play

Hit for Cycle

Strike Out/Walks

Grand Slam Inning

Grand Slam Game

Home Run Derby

Home Run Target

Conditional Rebates

If the challenge or contest you are interested in is not listed here, just let us know what you want and we can work out the details.

A relatively small insurance premium can be leveraged into a big dollar prize.

A minimum premium of $750 can provide for a prize payout of up to $10,000. A higher premium can purchase a prize indemnification package of up to $1 billion. Since the premium is only a small percentage of the possible prize, it can be affordably built into your budget. As a result, your promotional expenses can be known with 100% certainty and you won’t have to worry about making a budget breaking prize payout from your own funds.

How does Promotion and Prize Indemnification Insurance work?

It’s all in the numbers! Insurance company actuaries compute the statistical odds of a performer or performers exceeding the expected result. Controls and rules are put in place to protect against a performer gaining an unfair advantage. An insurance premium is established to reflect the overall risk of payout.

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