Fitness Instructor FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Fitness Instructor Insurance

Fitness instructor insuranceIf your question isn’t answered here, please call us at 800-622-7370

Does my degree qualify me for the certified rate?

Yes, accredited fitness related degrees qualify for a certified rate.

If my certification has lapsed, do I qualify for the certified rate for Fitness Instructor coverage?

No. You must provide a currently valid copy of your certification in order to qualify for the certified rate.

What types of fitness certifications are acceptable to obtain the premium discount?

An acceptable certification or accreditation program is one that establishes standards and guidelines for the delivery of quality and professional fitness services, as well as the development of ethic statements for fitness professionals. An individual will take a series of classes with testing at the end to become a certified professional in a fitness program. Normally, to maintain certification, yearly continuing education classes are required. A few examples of acceptable certifications are: AFAA, ACE, NAFTA, NASM, NESTA, ISSA, Cooper Institute, Yoga Alliance and Stott Pilates (SPX).

When will my coverage be effective?

For mailed or faxed enrollment forms, your coverage will be effective one day after we receive your enrollment form, payment and certification or a later date if requested.

For online enrollments, your coverage will be effective one day after you complete the online application and make the full payment, or a later date that you specify..

When will I receive proof of coverage? How will it be delivered?

Fitness instructor insuranceFor mailed or faxed submissions, it can take up to six business days from the date of receipt of your submission to issue your proof of insurance/certificate. Certificates of insurance/verification of coverage are then emailed to the applicant. If no email address is available they are faxed to the applicant. If an email address or fax number are not provided, they will be mailed to the applicant. .

For online enrollments, you will immediately receive a verification of coverage email that has a link to a Certificate(s) of Insurance in pdf format that can be printed.

Can I apply over the phone?

No. Our underwriters require a completed paper enrollment forms OR an online enrollment submission.

Can I use my credit card to pay?

Payment via check is preferred. However, if you are interested in paying with a credit card you may do so by completing the online enrollment form and choosing that payment method.

Are payment plans available?

No. Payment must be made in full with the application submission or at the time the online application is completed.

Is this annual coverage?

Yes, the policy term is one year from the effective date.

What if I hire other instructors?

This policy is written on an individual basis. Therefore, each new instructor needs to have his/her own coverage. If you would like more information on a business policy to cover all of your instructors under one policy please contact us.

I am a cheerleading instructor. Do I qualify for the Fitness Instructor coverage?

No, you must apply for Sports Instructor coverage.

I am a martial arts instructor without a martial arts school. Do I qualify for either the Sports Instructor or Fitness Instructor program?

No. Please contact us at 1-800-622-7370 to discuss Martial Arts/Self-defense Instructor coverage.