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Injury Claims Unique to Health Clubs

What they are and how to reduce risk of occurrences

You work too hard at running your health club to risk it all. But it could easily happen if a client were to sue over something you simply overlooked. Health club General Liability claims typically arise out of the condition of the premises and equipment. Regular …

Sadler Family Experiences Costly Sports Injury

Accident insurance makes all the difference.

My son, John Sadler, Jr., suffered a tibia/fibula fracture during his high school soccer team’s first round playoff game in early May. He plays forward and was taking a shot when the goalie charged out and slid into his planted foot, snapping his leg through the shin guard.

$4.4 Million settlement for Student Head Injury

Were warning signs ignored?

On September 14, 2007, while playing in a high school football game, Scott Eveland, suffered a serious head injury that caused bleeding inside his brain.  He now has to communicate using a keyboard and is confined to a wheelchair due to extensive brain damage.

It was alleged that head coach Chris Hauser ignored …

Personal/Advertising Injury Coverage

 Why sports organizations need this coverage

Personal/Advertising Injury coverage under a General Liability policy for sports and recreation sanctioning/governing associations does not receive the attention it deserves. This is because the primary loss exposure arises from bodily injury or property damage. However, it is surprising how often associations are sued when Personal/Advertising injury is claimed.

Personal/Advertising Injury …

League Insurance Carrier Tries to Deny Injury Claim

Certificate of insurance was key in court ruling

A General Liability policy was taken out under the name of Northeast Youth Football League and its member teams. A certificate of insurance evidencing “additional insured” status was issued on behalf of a member team to the field owner as required by agreement. Another member team wanted to use the fields …

Personal And Advertising Injury Exposures

Coverage sports organizations may think they don’t need

Sports organizations such as teams, leagues, and recreation departments have definite personal and advertising injury exposures which should be covered under a General Liability policy.

Personal injury is defined as a certain types of slander, libel, invasion of privacy, and false imprisonment.  A typical personal injury example in the …

Catastrophic Injury Survey Results

Amateur baseball rates are low

All sports entail some element of risk of catastrophic injury. However, the frequency of such catastrophic injuries is surprisingly low in amateur baseball. To summarize, the overall rate of catastrophic injuries such as deaths and disabilities is only one per one million participants.

Our insurance clients, Dixie Youth Baseball and Dixie Boys/Majors Baseball,  participated in a …

Comprehensive Lifeguard Insurance Solutions


Protect Your Lifeguard Services Business with Tailored Insurance Solutions including General Liability and Accident
Secure Your Lifeguard Services Against the Unexpected

Best In Industry General Liability And Accident For Lifeguard Services Including Providing Lifeguards and Lifeguard Training

Easy online quote form and fast turnaround on quotes
General Liability limits up to $6,000,000
Sex abuse & molestation option
Non owned and …

2024 Insurance Program Released for American Youth Football

The gold standard that is the envy of the competition

The American Youth Football and American Youth Cheer endorsed insurance provider, Sadler Sports Insurance, has released the new 2024 insurance program for teams /associations /conferences which will be applicable for all new and renewal enrollments with effective dates 6-30-2024 and later.

The 2024 program is, once again, …

Escape Room Insurance Online Quick Quotes


General Liability Insurance For Escape Rooms

High-limits from $1M to $6M
Affordable rates
Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability

Accident Insurance For Escape Rooms

Reimburse medical bills
Limits up to $100k
Deductible options


What Are Escape Rooms?

Escape Rooms have become a thrilling and immersive form of entertainment, captivating individuals and groups seeking unforgettable experiences. These interactive games challenge participants to solve puzzles, find hidden clues, …