NAYS Team/League Insurance

The better sports insurance program for the better sports organizations that have trained their coaches. (Accident, General Liability, Directors & Officers, Crime and Equipment.)

As of 02/01/2022 the following programs will be replacement options for the prior NYSCA / NAYS Team & League program.

Option 1:  Youth Team/League (1-2 Teams) – Please click HERE to complete an application for coverage through Sports Plex Operations and Developments (SODA) Program.

Please note that premiums for this program are based on per team rates. Sexual Abuse & Molestation and Non-Owned/Hired Auto coverage can be purchased on an optional basis for a flat charge.

Option 2:  Youth Team/League (3+ Teams) – Please click HERE to complete an application for coverage through Amateur Teams & Leagues.

Please note the premium for this program is based on the number of participants per sport, as well as the option of coverage you select. Coverage for Non-Owned/Hired Auto is automatically built into this program. At the current time, coverage for Sexual Abuse & Molestation is not available. The policy period is one full year from the effective date.


In both cases, Directors & Officers, Crime, and Equipment coverage can be purchase on an optional basis. These coverage lines are only available to Not for Profit Organizations.


If you would like to discuss which program would be a best fit for your organization, please contact 800-622-7370 to speak with a Sadler representative.

Risk Management Content

Appoint Risk Management Officer (RMO) To Set Up And Manage Plan

  • Selection And Duties Of Sports Risk Management Officer (Coming Soon)

Choose High Quality Insurance

Contractual Transfer Of Risk To Other Parties

Avoid Or Mitigate High Risk Activities That Are Not Essential To Your Mission

Child Abuse: Sex/Physical/Emotional/Bullying/Hazing/Harassment

Brain Injury/Concussion


Other Serious Risks

Most Common Risks

Document Retention In Event Of Litigation 

Written Risk Management Plans Pull Together Above

This is not an all-inclusive list, check out our risk management page for other articles, programs, videos and forms.