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Our Affiliation

Gil Fried is a nationally recognized expert in sport risk management. A lawyer and educator, Gil has been providing assistance Gil Friedto numerous sport organizations for years and has helped us at Sadler & Co. with various legal concerns faced by our insureds. He has also assisted us in writing some of our manuals such as our sexual abuse prevention manual. This invaluable assistance is now being provided to our clients. Professor Fried has agreed to act as the focal point for our risk management education and assistance. We look forward to a long and beneficial relation with Gil and we know that he will add value to the services we offer to our clients.

Brief Bio

Gil Fried is one of the few people who will publicly admit to being a competitive badminton player and coach. His love for the game took him to coaching positions at several prominent universities, but more importantly assisted him in choosing sport management as his career path. He has a B.S. in Business Administration, an M.A. in Physical Education with an emphasis in Sport Management and law. The last two degrees were part of a combined program at The Ohio State University. Gil has held various positions from being a sport broadcasting industry analyst to the Vice President of a professional women’s basketball league.

Once he started practicing law on a full time basis he was trained as an insurance defense litigator and an employer-side employment law specialist. Gil is a member of the California State Bar. He left the full-time practice of law to spend more time with his children and decided to teach sport management. Professor Fried became a tenured Associate Professor at the University of Houston where he directed their sport management program. In 1999, he moved to the University of New Haven where the sport management program is part of the business school and offers an MBA concentration in Sport Management ( He serves as “Counsel” for Sabia & Hartley LLC firm in Hartford which specializes in employment business, and sports law.

Professor Fried is very active in his client advisement and writing activities. He has represented numerous sport organizations and lectures on sport risk management for various entities. He has written over 130 articles, peer review publications, and other miscellaneous pieces. He also has written five books.Employment Law for the Sport, Recreation, and Fitness Industries and Safe At First: A Guide to Help Sports Administrators Reduce Their Liability were published by Carolina Academic Press ( He also has written books on sport finance and sport facility management for Human Kinetics, and a venue safety guide for the IAAM.

As you can tell from his extensive background, Professor Fried has the knowledge to help you answer some of your basic questions with the expertise to handle the most complex issues.

E-mail Chat Newsletter “Ask the Prof”

Ask the professor for advice ranging from sports law, risk management, dispute resolution, facility management, marketing, and finance issues. The legal analysis provided is strictly for educational purposes and does not represent legal counseling. SADLER & COMPANY , INC. AND IT’S CLIENTS DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY THAT MAY RESULT FROM ANY ADVICE THAT IS GIVEN UNDER “ASK THE PROF”.

Mr. Fried has written several newsletters over the years that have provided invaluable advice to practitioners in the field. Instead of offering a regular newsletter, Professor Fried will open his e-mail address to Sadler & Co. clients for them to ask questions and for Mr. Fried to answer them as time permits. The answers will be made available all who that registers to be on the E-Mail list. There is no charge for this service, but it is only available to Sadler & Co. clients as an exclusive benefit.

Contact Information

Gil Fried, M.A., J.D., D.A.B.F.E.
Associate Professor/MBA Coordinator
Management of Sports Industries
School of Business
University of New Haven
300 Boston Post Road
West Haven, CT 06516
(203) 932-7081, Fax (203) 931-6092
Send Gil an Email

Note: When e-mailing your legal and risk management questions to Professor Fried, be sure to include as much detail as possible about your situation. He can’t comment on your situation without all of the important facts. Also be sure to include the name of your sports organization since it must be verified that you are a current client of Sadler & Company before you can use this service. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT INSURANCE COVERAGE QUESTIONS TO PROFESSOR FRIED. INSTEAD SUBMIT THESE DIRECTLY TO SADLER SPORTS& RECREATION INSURANCE.

Legal Education/Assistance

Mr. Fried has provided guidance for Sadler & Co. clients over the years. Such assistance often involved answering a quick question or providing more comprehensive advice. However, sometimes some of our insureds might want more specific training. Professor Fried is available for lectures or seminars and can cover a variety of topics such as:

  • Applied Sport Risk Management
  • Preventing Sexual Abuse in Your Programs
  • Sound Fiscal Management
  • How to Develop a Comprehensive Incident Reporting Program
  • ADA Compliance
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Basic Fundraising from Grant Writing to Special Events
  • How to Handle the Employment Law Larbrynth
  • The Art of Crowd Management
  • The TEAM approach to Dispute Resolution
  • How to Track Employee/Volunteer Crime

The above listed topics are just some of the presentations Mr. Fried has made in the past. He provides these training seminars at a nominal cost to cover his expenses

Expert Witness/Consulting Service

Professor Fried has served as an expert witness for numerous cases ranging from the Camp Randall stampede cases after the Michigan versus Wisconsin football game in 1993 to cases involving deceased or severely injured athletes. He is a Diplomate with the American College of Forensic Examiners and uses his experience to help solve factually complex cases or can help provide assistance in locating other potential experts.

Gil has provided a free service for many years that linked attorneys and insurance companies with experts when they had a hard time finding an expert. He continues to offer this service free of charge for those looking for a potential expert. The service is designed to help identify potential experts, but in no way guarantees the expert’s service. Any arrangement entered into between the person hiring the expert and the expert is strictly a contract between those two parties and Gil Fried, nor Sadler & Co. are in any manner involved with any such relationship.

Athletic Dispute Resolution Service

The Athletic Dispute Resolution Service (ADRS) was formed in 1994 by noted sports law expert Dr. Herb Appenzeller, Ron Baron, Esq., and Gil Fried, Esq. The service provides sports law experts to serve as arbitrators, mediators or third parties to help resolve disputes.