NBC “Hap” Dumont Insurance

NBC Hap Dumont Baseball partnering with Sadler Sports & Recreation Insurance and the SODA insurance plan.

We are pleased to partner with Sadler Sports & Recreation Insurance and the SODA insurance plan in order to provide our endorsed insurance program for member organizations.

  • Instant Online Proposals and Enrollment: Entire process takes less than 5 minutes to apply and pay. You will receive your proof-of-coverage documents INSTANTLY!!
  • Save up to 38%
  • Rock-solid coverage from an A-rated insurance carrier


Sport $100,000 Medical/$2,000,000 General Liability $100,000 Medical/$5,000,000 General Liability
Youth Baseball (18 players per team) $137.01 per team $150.81 per team

Coverage is now available for Non-Owned & Hired Auto Liability ($500.00 per organization) and Sexual Abuse & Molestation ($250.00 per organization)

Rates are effective 01/01/2023-12/31/2023.

Coverage is provided for one year from the effect date of the policy.

Print application to view complete coverage details and notable exclusions

Be sure to do the following within the online enrollment sections:

  • “Please select your sports organization” – Choose “Youth Team Insurance”
  • “Select the type of coverage you want to buy” – Choose the limit of coverage you wish to purchase.
  • “Select the Sport and Number of Teams below” – Choose Baseball as the sport and enter the number of teams in your organization. You will be asked on the next screen to enter these team names.
  • You will continue through the review of the application and entering your contact information.
  • IMPORTANT: During the application process, you will be asked your “Organization Affiliation.” Please select “Hap Dumont” from the drop-down menu.

Additional Coverages

  • $1,000,000 Directors & Officers Liability $315 per club
  • $25,000 Crime $200 per club
  • Equipment $2.00 per $100 of insured value(Subject to $200 minimum premium)

Risk Management Content

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  • Collecting Certificates of Insurance From Vendors
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