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Youth Tackle Football And Cheer Insurance / Risk Management Program – The Gold Standard That Is The Envy Of The Competition

11,000+ Youth Tackle/Flag/Cheer Teams Experience An Incredible Combination Of Savings, Instant Online Quote/Pay/Print, Broad Coverages, Easy To Implement Risk Management Templates For The Protection Of Your Players And Volunteers, and Personalized Service When You Need It.

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Insurance and Risk Management Program Highlights

  • One stop shop For Accident, General Liability, D&O, Crime, And Equipment
  • Instant 24/7 online quote/pay/print your proof of coverage docs and certificates for field owners in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Ability to self issue your own certificates of insurance at any time for new field owners.
  • General Liability each occurrence options of $1M, $2M and $5M (only if required by written contract).
  • Accident deductible options of $0, $100, $250, and $500.
  • Participant Liability limit of $1,000,000.
  • Sex abuse / molestation limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate.
  • Brain Injury limits of $1,000,000.
  • Non Owned And Hired Auto Liability limit of $1,000,000
  • 97% of our clients grade our service team as “A” in terms of overall service satisfaction and response time. Even though our enrollment and self issuance of certificates is automated, it is likely that at some point during the policy year you will have a question about coverages, our risk management templates, special wording required on a certificate, or how to add teams. Our highly trained team is ready to assist.
  • Access our risk management programs on child abuse, brain injury, sudden cardiac arrest, heat illness prevention, and our league risk management program that keys in on reducing risk in the areas of facilities, equipment, instruction, supervision, injury response, and autos. The child abuse and brain injury programs may be necessary to comply with the Federal Safe Sport Act and state concussion laws. All our risk management templates were researched and authored by John Sadler to be simple but effective and with volunteers in mind with limited time.
  • Just about any team/association/conference can qualify if you follow our minimum risk management guidelines. And remember, we provide all the free risk management templates that you need.
  • You must join American Youth Football to access the program but you can join as a local member and they will not intrude on your operations. And you can tap into all of their preferred vendor services and access their rules & regulations and operating manual. The small per team/squad membership cost ($35 for football, $25 for flag football, and $35 for cheer) is more than offset by savings on insurance, other vendor services, and the free risk management templates.

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2023 Per Team Insurance Rates For $100,000 Accident ($500 deductible) And $1,000,000 General Liability

AGE   (RATE IS PER TEAM WITHIN EACH DIVISION) $1,000,000 General Liability
Tackle Football – 7u Division $252.51 per team
Tackle Football – 8u Division $252.51 per team
Tackle Football – 9u Division $252.51 per team
Tackle Football – 10u Division $291.05 per team
Tackle Football – 11u Division $291.05 per team
Tackle Football – 12u Division $291.05 per team
Tackle Football – 13u Division $396.84 per team
Tackle Football – 14u Division $396.84 per team
Tackle Football – 15u Division $396.84 per team
Tackle Football (Girls) – 17u Division $509.54 per team
AGE  (RATE IS PER TEAM WITHIN EACH DIVISION) $1,000,000 General Liability
Ages 5-17 $89.54 per team
7v7 Passing Team (ages 5-17) $89.54 per team
Flag/Touch Plus (limited contact with hands only) $169.76 per team
INSPIRATION Flag Football (Handicapped)ALL TEAMS (Age 5-22) $89.54 per team
(RATE IS PER SQUAD WITHIN EACH DIVISION) $1,000,000 General Liability
Cheer/Dance/Step/Majorettes Squads Affiliated with your Football Teams (Ages 5-18) (INSPIRATION up to age 22)
CLASS TWO CHEER $59.02 per squad
Cheer/Dance/Step/Majorettes Squads from #1 Above That Will Also Participate in Competitions Other Than Local League or Official AYC Regional or National Championships (Ages 5-18) Note: Class 2 squads must also be class 1 and you must show the # of squads for each class (Inspiration-up to age 22)
CLASS THREE CHEER $110.37 per squad
Cheer/Dance/Step Squads Not Affiliated with a Football Organization (Ages 5-18) (Inspiration-up to age 22)
  • Both General Liability and Accident are included in the above rates.
  • General Liability include Sexual Abuse and Molestation coverage.
  • $2,000,000 or $5,000,000 General Liability Limit is available (for an additional charge).
  • Accident Underwritten By An “A” Rated Carrier
  • General Liability Underwritten By An “A” Rated Carrier

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  • $1,000,000 Directors & Officers Liability: $315 per league
  • $25,000 Crime Insurance: $200 per league
  • Equipment Coverage: $2.00 per $100 of coverage ($200 minimum premium)

Membership in American Youth Football/American Youth Cheer is required to tap into the incredible savings offered by this Football and Cheer Insurance Plan.

  • Even if you don’t care to participate in AYF, you can join as a local member to access preferred vendors such as insurance.
  • AYF will not interfere with the way you run your club (except minimum risk management required). Your rules! Our help!
  • Offers “age only” or “flexible weight” categories.
  • Low registration fees. Annual registration fee is $35.00 per team for tackle, $25.00 per flag team, and $35.00 per cheer squad. (when registering online)
  • AYF member benefit summary
  • For a full list of AYF services, visit the  AYF website.

The combined price of the insurance plus AYF/AYC registration fees will BLOW AWAY the insurance prices of competing programs.

Risk Management For Youth Football And Cheer

Click here to access the AYF/AYC-Endorsed Football Insurance and Cheer Insurance Program or call 800-622-7370

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  • We felt the pricing for our football insurance coverage was the best we’ve seen in some time. When questions were asked, the customer service center was friendly and helpful. We look forward to continue our relationship with Salder Sports. ~ Meadlowdale Pee Wee Football, OH
  • Being able to obtain insurance coverage for my youth football league on-line is quick and easy. Pricing is the most competitive around, and folks at Sadler are a pleasure to work with. ~Upstate Rhinos Youth Football & Cheerleading
  • We were able to provide our youth with football insurance with ease. I appreciate the hassle-free service. ~Indianola Pee Wee Footballl, MS
  • I was pleased with the flexability of enrolling with you. ~Boys Club of York
  • We the Haines City Rattlers have always use Sadler for football insurance for our organization, because of their professionalism. ~Haines City Rattlers Youth Football, FL
  • Price was considerably less than what was available through local agencies. Service was quick and overall experience excellent. ~Poplar Bluff Youth Football, MO
  • You are very reasonable and we like your coverage for cheer insurance and how you explain the way things are ~ Southwest Cougar Cub Cheerleaders, NC

AYF insuranceFootball is one of the most recognized and loved sports in the United States. Collisions through blocking and tackling are an integral part of the game, and the wear and tear that football can have on the participants’ bodies can be significant, especially at the older age groups. In addition to the normal wear and tear, however, is the risk of more serious on-field accidents and injuries.

Football insurance policies can help to protect the players, coaches, managers, volunteers, facility owner, and league administrators (board and officers) from liability related injuries. In addition to participant injury, football has the normal spectator injury incidents of slips/trips/falls as well emotionally charged incidents of fan and umpire assault and battery.

Common risks related to football are:

  • Fractures
  • Sprains/strains
  • Bruise/contusions
  • Cuts/scrapes
  • Heat illness
  • Concussions
  • Abuse (sex, physical, mental, and verbal)

We provide more detailed information on the common injuries that occur in youth tackle football on our blog.

Necessary football insurance policies

The following is a list of the common football insurance policy types that are needed for football organizations:

  1. Participant Accident with a limit of at least $100,000
  2. General Liability with an each-occurrence limit of at least $1 million (should consider higher limit options) to cover bodily injury and property damage incidents.
  3. Directors & Officers Liability with a limit of at least $1 million to cover certain types of lawsuits that are not covered by General Liability.
  4. Crime with a limit of at least $25,000 to cover embezzlement and theft of property by insiders.
  5. Equipment coverage to protect sports and field maintenance equipment against perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, etc.

Beware of inadequate General Liability football insurance coverage

Many General Liability policies include unacceptable policy exclusions which can leave organizations, volunteers, and AYF 1 -small Slideradministrators exposed to personal liability. It’s critical that football/cheer General Liability policies not have dangerous exclusions for cheer stunts, bleacher collapse, assault & battery, athletic participants, sex abuse and molestation, or total brain injury. We have a comprehensive checklist that can assist in the review of your current policy.

Do weight categories protect lighter players in youth tackle football?

It would make sense that both age and weight categories are needed in youth tackle football to protect lighter players. However, research conducted by the Mayo Clinic and American Youth Football indicates that age is the number one factor involved with injury rates in youth tackle football and that weight categories are not necessary to protect lighter players. You’re encouraged to look at the surprising details of this study.

Concussions and brain injuries: the #1 severity risk in the news

The national media is giving a lot of attention to the serious injuries and deaths resulting from players returning to action too soon after a concussion and suffering a second, serious or fatal injury. In addition, class action lawsuits filed on behalf of NFL, NCAA, and high school players have highlighted concerns over the long term effects of repeated concussions and injuries from sub concussive impacts.

Basic concussion risk management

All states have now passed concussion legislation that addresses concussion education and risk management in high school and/or youth sports. The Center for Disease Control offers a directory of the concussion laws of each state.

Basic concussion risk management requires the following elements:

  • Coach education through online training courses and players and parents through handouts.
  • Concussion recognition on the signs from point of view of the player and the observer.
  • Removal from play in the event of a suspected concussion.
  • Proper treatment from a qualified healthcare professional.
  • Appropriate return to play protocol.

See our Concussion Brain Injury Risk Management Program for youth tackle football and cheer.

Tackle football is considered a high risk concussion sport. As a result, additional measures should be taken as outlined below.

Advanced concussion protection measures

Many experts are trying to set new standards for more advanced concussion care, which includes a pre-season neuropsychological cognitive test to establish a baseline for comparison after a concussion. It is believed that comparing the post injury test to the pre-injury baseline is the best way to determine appropriate return to play protocol. However, such testing can cost up to $10 per athlete and requires administrative scheduling and expense. In addition, once a sports organization adopts any safety standard, failure to fully implement can result in liability.

The best way to minimize the risk of concussions and sub concussive impacts resulting from tackling is to implement tackle training for all coaches. The Seattle Seahawks Tackle Training Video method, which gets the head out of the tackle, is an excellent program that is delivered 100% online for free.  American Youth Football offers a free online tackle certification test for the Seattle Seahawks video.

Should add-on football helmet products be allowed?

This is a controversial topic with entirely different views that often pits the helmet manufacturers against the new product innovators. Some new products may work as advertised whereas others likely do not. Regardless, a local football association is taking over the product liability of the helmet manufacturer if an add-on device is allowed without the written consent of the add-on manufacturer. NOCSAE recently issued guidelines to this extend prior to the 2013 season. See our blog post for an in-depth overview on whether add-on helmet products should be allowed.

There is much more information about preventing football injuries, football insurance and football risk management in our risk management library and blog. You can always call or email us with your questions at (800) 622-7370 or