Fishing Tour Insurance for Organizations

Fishing tours are a great way to enjoy a recreational activity outdoors. Protect your next tour with a comprehensive fishing tour insurance plan from Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance.

General Liability Insurance

  • High-limits from $1M to $6M
  • Affordable rates
  • Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability

Accident Insurance

  • Reimburse medical bills
  • Limits up to $100k
  • Deductible options



Why do you need fishing tour insurance?

In the fishing sport, there are various risks involved in participating. From the dangers of the open waters to the handling of sharp objects, there is room for an accident to happen. These risks are amplified when chartering a group of customers to enjoy a fishing experience. So, if you are running a fishing tour business, you need to make sure you are covered from any accidents you could be proven liable.

Being found liable for an injury during one of your business’s fishing tours could mean tremendous financial strain on your business. There could be medical bills, missed wage expenses, or even pay for legal fees. Your business does not want to be responsible for such a huge burden. Therefore, applying for insurance is the best way to limit your risk exposure and help cover any liabilities.


What does fishing tour insurance cover?fishing tour insurance for organizations

Depending on your package, fishing tour insurance will help cover your business’s liabilities. However, you need to ensure that your policy will help cover all the risks your business is exposed to the fullest extent possible. A comprehensive policy will help limit the strains risks will cause and protect your business.

With Sadler Insurance, we have a customizable fishing tour insurance package that can be crafted to fit your organization’s needs. Designing an insurance plan will help mitigate the risks that threaten your business.

When crafting your fishing tour insurance policy, we recommend a solid General Liability and Accident Insurance policy.


Adding a robust General Liability policy to your risk mitigation strategy could help protect you against:

  • Financial loss from costs associated with the lawsuit, including settlement costs, adverse jury verdicts, and legal fees
  • The financial obligation for payment of medical expenses
  • Compensatory damages and pain and suffering

In addition, adding an Accident Insurance Policy to your intramural insurance package can help:

  • Provide extra coverage for accident costs on top of the General Liability coverage
  • Provide peace of mind that you do not have to pay out of pocket for medical bills


Are fishing tours high-risk?

Fishing tours are generally safe, and there is no need to worry about being put into a dangerous situation. However, accidents happen, so you should be aware of the risks involved when you begin a fishing excursion.

Most fishing injuries are due to cutting or piercing the skin with sharp objects like hooks or other tools. These injuries can be self-inflicted, or a hook can get caught on another fisher from an unlucky cast. The most severe physical injuries are when hooks get in or around the eye.

In addition, fishing is a sport located in uncontrolled waters. Therefore, conditions could be unpredictable. So, conditions could get stormy, putting those out on the water at risk. In addition, drowning is always a risk when a sport involves water. All in all, fish touring can be a dangerous activity if you are not diligent about the surroundings and avoid taking precautions.

Risk management practices for fish touringfishing tour insurance for organizations

When owning a fish touring business, it is essential to do your due diligence to identify the risks and create a strategy to manage them. Although you can never completely eliminate accidents from happening, you can lower the chances and frequency by implementing the tips for a well-rounded plan below:

  • Before heading out on the water, ensure the weather is optimal (no lightening and avoid rain with strong winds)
  • Provide proper safety training to staff so they know how to spot risks and manage them while on the boat
  • Provide proper safety training to customers so they know the risks and the correct protocols once on the boat and fishing
  • Only allow professionals to handle sharp objects, attach hooks, and use other tools when needed
  • Customers and staff have to wear life jackets at all times
  • Limit the amount of alcohol that is served to the customers
  • Have customers sign a liability waiver to make them aware of the risks and possible negligence

Applying the above measures is an excellent start to decreasing your negligence and your organization’s risk exposure. In addition to these tactics above, Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance has in-house risk management programs that can be helpful to further your education about managing your risks.


Risk management programs that apply to fishing tours


What are fishing tours?

Fishing is a sport that involves the attempt to catch fish in open waters using a rod, line, and hook. Fish are usually caught as wildlife from natural environments. Still, there are also stocked waters that people can fish out of, including ponds, canals, and reservoirs. Fishing is usually done while in a boat or off of the shores.

Fishing tours take the sport of fishing and create a tour service usually offered by professional anglers, boat owners, and companies. These tours involve charting customers on a body of water in a boat and assisting them in the activity of fishing.

A fishing tour is one of the best ways to enjoy fishing, especially for those without fishing equipment or knowledge of how to find it. It is just as much a recreational activity as a learning experience for the customers. In addition, once the customer catches a fish, the professional will usually clean and package the catch.


What are the benefits of a fishing tour?fishing tour insurance for organizations

Fishing tours are an incredible way to get outdoors and participate in a fun recreational activity. Here are a few of the benefits you can receive if you choose to participate in a fishing tour:

  • A fishing tour allows you to sit back and relax and let the professionals guide you on the waters
  • You will receive help and learn from fishing professionals. No matter your level of experience in fishing, there will be something you can take away from the excursion
  • They will have all the fishing equipment ready to go – hassle-free
  • You will get to experience something new – from casting for the first time to learning new tricks
  • Time for relaxing


Get fishing tour insurance that protects you!

Hosting fishing tours is a great service you can provide as it can give people an experience to learn something new, relax, and enjoy a recreational activity outdoors. However, there are various risks involved since it is on the water with dangerous equipment. So, protect your business from the financial strain that comes from accidents with a comprehensive insurance plan from Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance.

We have been helping to protect sports and recreational businesses since 1946. In addition, we can offer you incredible rates with savings of up to 38%.

Request a quote today if you are looking for hassle-free insurance and are ready to take your risk management strategy to the next level.