Need Current Documents Certificates

We are happy to assist you in any way possible.  Depending on how you applied for coverage, we can either send you an automated email with your information OR one of our team members can email you information on any of the following and more:

  • Retrieving Current Documents
  • Requesting New Certificates
  • Adding/Changing Coverage
  • Claim Forms
  • Risk Management

How Did You Apply For Coverage?

  • I applied online for coverage OR received my proof of coverage documents from the automated system.   RETRIEVE DOCUMENTS NOW
  • I did not apply for coverage online.  I completed an application on paper and a Sadler Representative emailed me the certificates directly. REQUEST INFORMATION NOW

Did Your Organization Purchase Coverage In The Past and You Need to Update The Contact Person?

Please complete and sign the attached so we may update our files. We will send proof of coverage documents to the new email once processed.  Contact Change-All Programs

Has Your Current Policy Expired and You Need to Renew Coverage?

Most policies are required by the carrier to complete a new application each year.  Please visit our main website and click on the link for the policy which is expiring. Based on the program, you will either click on “Instant Online Quote & Purchase” or “Print Applications.”