Concussion Awareness Risk Management Program

Concussion Awareness Risk Management Program

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Staff Concussion Awareness Online Video Training

All paid and volunteer staff who interact with participants at practice and games should be required to complete an online video training course on concussion awareness and safety which includes what happens during a concussion and the impact on participant health, recognition of concussion signs and symptoms and how to respond, safe return to play, and focus on prevention and preparedness. The online course is the Concussion Course offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which can be found at The sports organization should collect and retain documentation of initial completion for staff. Once a staff member has received this training, no additional training is required other than receipt of the Concussion Awareness Information Sheet referenced below.

Staff / Participant / Parent Concussion Awareness Information Sheet

 To follow is the educational information sheet which should be distributed annually to all staff, participants, and parents (if minor participants):

The sports organization should provide this information sheet as part of the registration materials either as a paper handout or in electronic format.

The sports organization should formerly adopted this program by board action and should implement this concussion risk management program prior to the start of every season and within 30 days of the effective date of the annual General Liability policy renewal.

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