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Is Your Team/League Adequately Insured?

Find out with our minimum requirement checklist

How do you know for sure that your team/league sports insurance policies provide the coverage you need to protect against devastating lawsuits? Many local insurance agents and even so called sports insurance specialists are guilty of offering inadequate coverages.

Minimum standards for sports insurance have been set by a sports insurance expert, risk manager, and attorney John Sadler of Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance. These standards are outlined in two separate checkChecklistlists, one for private teams/leagues that purchase their own insurance one for teams/leagues with insurance provided by a municipal recreation department. Feel free to use our Sports Organization Insurance Checklist and Municipal Recreation Department Insurance Checklist.

Sports administrators no longer need to frustrate themselves trying to determine what coverage and limits are necessary. They can simply submit the checklist to their insurance agent for completion. The insurance agent then checks off whether each standard has been met and signs his or her name.

Once the completed checklist has been received, administrators then can decide what to do based on the results. If your team/league hasn’t met the the mandatory standards, your insurance agent should  remedy the problem or you should find a new insurance agent who can offer policies that meet the minimum standards.

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Do Safety Standards Mean More Liability?

Sports organizations weigh their options

Many Sadler sports organization clients struggle with the question of whether or not to set safety or risk management standards. On one hand, they are necessary to protect against spectator and participant injuries. On the other hand, failure to follow your own standard can result in an allegation of negligence and a General Liability claim. This problem is magnified by organizations that rely on volunteer staff and are unable to adequately police the standards that have been set.

What to do? Mandate a standard? Strongly recommend it?

I came across an excellent blog post on Sports Waiver written by attorney Charles “Reb” Gregg on this topic. The author is a proponent of setting reasonable standards and believes that the potential liability for not following a standard is overstated.