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Registered Sex Offenders and Youth Athletes

What if the sex offender is a parent or spectator?

Most national organizations require criminal background checks of coaches and in order to screen for sex offenders. Throughout our risk management materials you will find that even if it’s not requirement, these screenings are highly recommended.   But what should a league do when the registered sex offender is a parent or a spectator?

The first step would be to consult your local attorney since they would be familiar with the particular states laws.   Also, make sure that the organization is following its own policies and bylaws. The general liability policies that we write for national organizations may require that volunteers be screened, but not parents who aren’t volunteers.  This is because, as a general rule, only a volunteer who has repeated access to youth is in a position to groom them for molestation.

Whether background checks are required or not, a lot can be accomplished by educating the team/league, volunteers and parents on inappropriate boundary invasions.  More information can be found in our article Protecting Children Against Sexual Abuse and Molestation.