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Covered Activities Under Sports General Liability Policies

General Liability policies for sports and recreation organizations should cover the following activities that are supervised by adults and sanctioned by the sports organization:

  • Tryouts
  • Games
  • Practices
  • Tournament
  • Non-sport Outing

It is critical that coverage is included for non-sport outings such as swimming parties, backyard cookouts, trips to restaurants, etc.  Some of the most serious injuries and largest lawsuits that I have witnessed over the past 20 years have come from non-sport outings – particularly swimming parties.

Some General Liability policies that are deficient may restrict coverage to owned and leased premises that are scheduled on the policy.  This could be a big problem if the sports organization has travel teams or if non-sporting outings occur away from the premises.

Some General Liability policies include endorsements that restrict coverage to the time periods when officially sanctioned events take place.  This is a big problem if a sports organization owns its field or facility or is responsible under the terms of a lease on a 24/7 basis.

Covered Activities Under Sports Accident Insurance

An Accident insurance policy customized for sports and recreation organizations such as teams, leagues, camps, and recreation departments should cover all activities sanctioned by the organization, including tryouts, practices, games, tournaments, non-sport outings and authorized group travel to and from the above events.

It is also important for an Accident insurance policy to cover non-sport outings such as awards banquets, celebration trips for ice cream, backyard cookouts, swimming parties, trips to see college or pro ballgame, etc.  Some of the most serious injuries in youth sports can arise out of these non-sport activities.Sports tournament

Coverage for travel to and from covered activities is a controversial subject.  At a minimum, coverage should be provided for authorized group travel to and from these events.  Examples of group travel would be in single vehicles such as a bus, mini van, or a caravan of vehicles.

Some sports organizations would like to see coverage extended to individual travel to and from the covered events.  However, many Accident insurance carriers will balk at providing this coverage due to the high severity exposure as they argue that the sports organization is not responsible for injuries arising from individual travel for which it does not direct, control or supervise.