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Shotgun Discharge Injures 10 People

Why Gun Club Liability insurance is necessary

A 69-year-old man loaded his shotgun with what he thought was a “snap cap” to protect the firing pin, pointed the gun at the ground, and pulled the trigger, sending buckshot ricocheting around the St. Charles Sportsmen’s Club in Blackberry, Illinois.  Unfortunately, he had mistakenly loaded a live shotgun shell in the gun, which resulted in 10 people being injured, three of whom were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at a local hospital.

This is just another example of why Gun Club Liability insurance is needed to protect members, directors, officers, and of course, the club itself against liability.

Source: Insurance Journal, June 7, 2013

Tree Stand Industry Responds to Risks

Warnings, education, and body harness included in manufactured tree stands

Based on our experience in insuring archery and hunt clubs, falls from tree stands represent one of the biggest lawsuit hazards along with ATV accidents.

I recently set up a manufactured tree stand with my son, as shown in the photo.  We were amazed at the detailed safety instructions explaining all the different things that could go wrong in the set up and while actually hunting.  Evidently, every manufactured tree stand Hunt club safetyof this type comes with a body harness that should be worn at all times and attached to the tree by a climbing belt or a tether.

If these safety recommendations are followed, a mishap should never result in a fall where the hunter hits the ground.  But, I had no idea that a hunter who falls and remains suspended in the air by the tether can quickly become unconscious and die due to blood pooling in the legs (with the body harness wrapped around legs).

Note that in the picture, my son’s tether was not attached high enough on the tree.  I guess that’s why you should read the instructions and view the DVD before assembly! It scared the heck out of me.

Tree stand safety is serious business and the industry has responded with appropriate warnings and education. I have a better understanding and appreciation of the risks faced by my archery insurance and hunt club insurance clients.

Deer Gets Revenge On Hunter

The hunter in this video had no idea what he was in for when he went deer hunting!  I wonder what kind of hunting liability insurance this white tail carries?