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Crossing the Foul Line

HIV-positive player kicked out of rec basketball league

A 21-year-old player on a Kissammee Parks and Recreations basketball team was told he could not participate in the league. A part-time recreation leader confronted Dakota Basinger mid-game, asking if he was HIV-positive. When Basinger replied that he is, the employee then told him he was not permitted to continue the game or play in the league.

A spokesperson for the city’s Parks and recreation department stated that the worker had specifically been told not to approach Basinger and did so without supervisor approval.

Should players with HIV / AIDS be allowed to participate in youth sports leagues? Find out in our article  Read our article HIV in Youth Sports.
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HIV/AIDS in Youth Sports Leagues

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Policy-making on infected youth athletes

Should players with HIV/AIDS be allowed to participate in youth sports leagues?  We have seen an increased number of phone calls requesting direction as to whether or not teams and leagues should allow players that are infected  HIV/AIDS to participate.  Although this is a controversial subject, we hope you find our article, HIV In Youth Sports, both useful and informative.